Zomercarnaval – One of the biggest Street parties in Europe

Zomercarnaval – One of the biggest Street parties in Europe

June 26, 2019 0 By Emmy D. Frank

Do you want to leave the daily routine behind and have fun? Then you definitely want to go to the best party of your life, so read more about the best party in the world in: Summer Carnival, Zomercarnaval! You will have a blast you will never forget in Rotterdam, enjoying a wide diversity of cultures, music, dance, art and poetry. A huge street parade, drum battle and music concert are waiting for you!

Sometimes, an opportunity like this happens once in a lifetime, so why not join a tradition that has been held for over two decades? Over one million attend Zomercarnaval to dance, party, enjoy the parade, eat some exotic food and be joyous! Don’t hesitate and join the party!

Rotterdam Summer Carnival

Zomercarnaval is a huge and lively event located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands’ second largest city. Being positioned as one of the biggest carnivals in Europe.

During the last weekend of July, this three-day summer carnival takes place, transforming Rotterdam into a tropical paradise that celebrates cultures from all over the world. The official date for this year 2019 is on Saturday the 27th July when the parade will be held.

The Battle of the Drums, music concerts and street food vendors will be launched from the Friday night to the Saturday night. Being the crowing of the carnival Queen one week before the parade (people can vote for their favourite candidate online) as long as she will lead the parade in a float.

A tribute to cultural pride

Rotterdam is actually a focus in which about 178 different nationalities meet, turning this city into a treasure of great cultural richness. People from different backgrounds make the most of this event and celebrate their individual cultures through music, dance, costumes, art and floats in the parade. All concentrated in Rotterdam’s city centre in an area of around five kilometres.

Which entertainments are involved in Zomercarnaval

Battle of Drums

One of the highlights of this celebration is the Battle of Drums, displayed on Friday evening by the three best Dutch brass bands that start playing from three different places in the city and then coming across in a spectacular show distinguished by loud and rhythmic sounds heard all around the city.

Zomercarnaval Street Parade

The Zomercarnaval Street Parade is the biggest party day taking place on Saturday. A huge colourful carnival procession of brass bands accompanied by amazingly dressed dancers and performers hit the streets of Rotterdam.

For one day, this city gets transformed into a tropical paradise in which 30 decorated floats with large Soundsystem’s that create a Caribbean atmosphere fill the air with music around the streets.

The Street Markets

Being through so many emotions whets inevitably the appetite, so what better than tasting the delicious exotic street food vendors from all over the world that line the streets. There is food from Asia to Africa as well as plenty of exotic cocktails, beers and free flowing rum.

Not only food but also beautiful and unique arts, crafts, jewellery and clothing among other things are sold in these picturesque stands.

Concerts and Performances

Many stages are built throughout Rotterdam in order to enjoy a wide number of performances like concerts of different musical genres, dances, comedy shows and even poetry readings.

Why you shouldn’t miss out an event of this kind

  1. Zomercarnaval is free to attend!
  2. There are plenty of accommodation options in Rotterdam from hotels, hostels, B&Bs to apartment rentals, there is something for everyone. You can check out some accommodation options in Carnivaland.
  3. The atmosphere of Zomercarnaval is friendly and positive, being considered a safe event.
  4. Rotterdam has a well-connected international airport making easier to get there. Moreover, it is well connected to the rest of Holland and Europe being possible going by train, bus or car.

A unique and different experience is waiting for you in Rotterdam, so what are you waiting for? Book your hotel in Carnivaland and find out more about this wonderful summer carnival, its parties, people who go to Zomercarnaval and the atmosphere in there. One of the best carnivals in Europe is at your fingertips!