Tips to organize your trip to the Canary Islands

Tips to organize your trip to the Canary Islands

August 23, 2021 0 By Emmy D. Frank

What travelers are most looking for in the different points of the archipelago

Those who will soon be visiting the main tourist areas of the Canary Islands should organize their trip well, in order to make the most of the islands that offer infinite options. It’s necessary to plan the flights with time to find the best price, comparing between the different companies that offer connections with the Canary Islands. And once we are clear about the dates, we must choose accommodation.

All the islands are equally attractive but each one in a different way, so choosing just one will be difficult.

Apartments can be found at very affordable prices for accommodation in Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria or Tenerife as some of the most touristic islands. Accommodations like this gives us enough autonomy and it’s a more economical option. The apartments or bungalows are types of accommodation that provide the freedom of movement and tranquility that many people are looking for. Although if you prefer the comfort of a hotel, there’re also many options but the trend is to leave aside the all-inclusive and mix more in the daily activities of its inhabitants.

Paradisiacal beaches (especially in Fuerteventura) of white or black sand, natural swimming pools (the island of Tenerife includes most of them), authentic nature, historical vestiges, leisure areas, peculiar gastronomy, culture (it’s worth discovering the “silbo gomero”)… The Canary Islands offer so much that they attract millions of tourists every year.

It’s one of the favorite destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists (English, Germans and Norwegians are a key market). To visit all the corners of an island it’s highly recommended to rent a car to move around the Canary Islands at your convenience. If you’re in Gran Canaria or Tenerife, it’s convenient to know that Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife are among the most economical cities in Spain when it comes to renting a car (the weekly average is about 250 euros). Both capitals are also among the most visited cities and that is why it is necessary to arrange flights, accommodation and car rental in advance so that everything fits together.

It should also be borne in mind that for visits to such popular sites as Mount Teide, in Tenerife, you must book your ticket well in advance if you do not want to miss the opportunity to climb to the summit.

The seven islands of volcanic origin (eight if you count La Graciosa) located to the northwest of the coast of Africa, besides being spectacular, all have a mild climate all year round, which means that they can be visited at any time. However, it’s worth remembering that even in the winter months we can find days with low temperatures, so if the goal is to enjoy its beaches, it’s advisable to consider visiting between March and October.

The lifestyle of the Canary Islanders is also linked to their good gastronomy. Beyond the magnificent wrinkled potatoes or the tasty mojo picón, in the Canary Islands you must know how to discover the almogrote of La Gomera, the quesadilla of El Hierro or the lentil and red onion salad of Lanzarote and of course, the famous gofio.

The puddles of the Canary Islands and the natural pools are natural phenomena that are part of the identity of the islands as much as their beaches. It’s a different way to enjoy the sea that can only be done in this archipelago, so don’t leave the islands without spending a few hours in these unique elements.

Organize your trip and make the most of the offer of this paradise.