The perfect outfit for a walk

Do you want to go for a walk with your boy or your girlfriends and you do not know what to wear? Do not worry at all because, every single woman on earth has the exact same problem. Even though we own a lot of clothes, when it is about time to go for a simple coffee, we just don’t know what to wear! Let’s see some of the most perfect combinations in order to be stylish and comfortable on your way out.

First of all, you need to remember that you do not have to spend a fortune and going shopping all the time. There must be some hidden clothes in your closet that you do not even remember and that can be combined in a clever way with all your new ones. Do not also hesitate to visit second-hand clothing stores that often hide treasures at very low prices. All you have to do is look for them.

Jeans are the option

You can have simple look wearing a pair of skinny jeans and black boots and your favorite leather jacket with details such as geometric patterns or flowers and metallic elements. A pair of jeans is the best solution when you want to look casual and chic at the same time. If you are one of the lucky women that have a perfectly shaped body, you can prefer a simple and trendy look wearing a high-heeled jeans and a short t-shirt with a jacket at the waist. You can combine it with ankle boots.

It’s a skirt’s issue

You can also leave your jeans in the closet and pick a piece of statement like a pleated skirt in metallic tones. You can perfectly combine it with your favorite T-shirt and black boots.


You can also prefer to wear a fancy pair of textile trousers in an earth tone and combine it with a t-shirt in similar color and your favorite shoes on. A warm sweater would be a perfect choice too.

Leather is the answer

You can take some stylish ideas from the 70’s in order to look fashionable and stylish in a unique way. You can wear a short leather pants and combine the vintage age with the new trends. You can choose your favorite black boots and complete your look with a shirt in pale shades with shapes of flowers and a jacket above all. You can also borrow a retro kjoler from your mother’s closet in order to look stylish and sexy too.

You do not need just a pair of jeans in order not to have a common and boring look. Try to combine various pieces such as a denim jacket and a denim skirt to the knee in different shades. Finish your outfit with a white or a red pair of boots.

The absolutely outfit for going for a coffee with your mates is a pair of pants in a straight line with a sweater in soft shades of white. You can combine with flat shoes that are going to make your walk pretty comfortable.

If you are tall and want to highlight your legs, you should also choose to wear a black high heels’ pair of jeans with a simple short t-shirt and a denim jacket at the waist. You can combine your look with black ballerina shoes or your timeless Stan smiths.

Whatever you are going to choose, remember that you are look beautiful no matter what you are going to wear, because you are surrounded by people who love you the way you are. It is pretty obvious that everyone wants to look beautiful, but this beauty comes from the inside.