The best Spanish wine at just one click on your computer

December 3, 2021 0 By Emmy D. Frank

Undoubtedly, if we think of wine, our mind instantly takes us to the warm and colourful land of contrast that is Spain. Spanish wine is world renowned, so much so that the term “Spanish wine” not only refers to the product itself, but also to the social act that includes a toast at events or inaugurations.

Enjoying the best selection of Spanish wines may seem like a utopia, but today, thanks to online commerce, this dream has become a reality.

Filling the world with smell, taste and colour

Red, rosé, white, sparkling or sweet, this is the wide range of wines of unbeatable quality that Cargo Wine Club, the first marketplace where you can buy spanish wine online, exports beyond the national borders to European countries, the United States, Hong Kong and Japan among others.

As pioneers selling Spanish wine online, beyond offering a regular wine buying service, this marketplace has become a gourmet space to satisfy the most sybaritic palates.

The wine route

Working directly with wineries distributed throughout the Spanish territory, they offer us an exclusive wine route through the Spanish geography. In which, among many other stops, we find Valencian wineries of the stature of Bodegas Vera de Estenas, bottling wines of its own denomination with 150 years of history and experience.

In the north, in Álava, after exploring its green fields, we refresh ourselves with the taste of wine from the sustainable cultivation of the vineyards of Bodegas Baigorri. In Castile, where we can stop to taste the vintage that has best combined tradition and innovation at Bodegas Emilio Moro. In Barcelona, Cava, and thanks to Cava Guilera, we can discover the best artisan cava, made in the traditional way. In Madrid, the capital of Seville, we are delighted with the unique personality of the organic wines of Solera Bodegas. Not forgetting sunny Andalusia, land of farmers. In Malaga we discover Bodegas Veta, pioneers in red wines and in the use of the Petit Verdot grape in Spain.

To finish this brief but intense tour that leaves us wanting to taste more varieties, we leave the peninsula behind to cover the vintages of the islands, with Vins Nadal in the Balearic Islands, where we are surprised with a delicate vintage that is committed to the native and autochthonous varieties of the famous Mallorcan island.

A tourist experience without leaving home

As we have seen first-hand in this brief tour, Cargo Wine Club only works with the best brands and companies that are committed to tradition, quality, local products and innovation. And thanks to being specialists in bringing this well-known delicacy from the field to the table, they have one of the best international transport services for private individuals. Highly specialised, taking care of every last detail until it is delivered to the customer’s door, without intermediaries and through its website we can select, order and track our orders in a simple, agile and intuitive way.

To keep us informed of events and news about these products, they have a newsletter. By means of which users, after subscribing, will be able to periodically access the latest news about products and promotions.

Travelling and getting intoxicated with Mediterranean flavours has never been so easy, quick and convenient. If, like us, you are a true wine lover, don’t hesitate any longer and immerse yourself in this sensory experience with the best specialists in the sector.