Special Occasion and Communion Favors

Special Occasion and Communion Favors

October 29, 2015 0 By Emmy D. Frank

A delightful memento of the occasion that can be saved

As a parent, I want to commemorate everything.  But the fact is that I need to manage my desire so I don’t end up on the reality TV show “Hoarders.” That said, some special occasions happen once in a lifetime and deserve special keepsakes or favors.

A friend recently showed me her First Communion “recuerdo”.  It’s a small printed card about 3″ x 4″ that has a formal communion portrait of her on the left side with the date and location on the right side.  They are very popular throughout Latin America.  I suppose that it could be compared to a prayer card but it’s more of a printed keepsake or favor. I did a quick search to see if I could find something similar but didn’t have any luck.  I wasn’t even sure what to search for, since I don’t know what these printed mementos are called in English.  It’s a cross between a prayer card and a printed favor.  I also searched through some on-line printers to no avail.

At that point, I clicked over to Etsy and found two potential vendors.  Neither one offered exactly what I wanted, but both featured photo note cards so I’m sure that they could create a “recuerdo.”  One was Prayer Notes by Cynthia and the other was Party Plan-It Designs.  I liked both of these vendors since they handle the printing and ship a finished product.  Let’s face it who wants to run around and find a printer to have this done. I also found a birth announcement by Embellished by Tiffany that was simply darling and could probably be modified into a printed favor.

In order to create a “recuerdo”, you’ll need a picture of the child in formal attire along with the following copy:

  • a title: “In honor of…”
  • date: month & day
  • child’s name
  • city, state, year

If you’re creating one for a religious occasion then you’ll want to include:

  • name of the church
  • blessing

The cards can be enclosed with a thank you card or simply retained as a souvenir. After all, some occasions happen once in a lifetime.