Sales Training in the Netherlands is Called Verkooptraining

We got a salesman from the Netherlands working for us. He is actually kind of incredible. He has top-notch interpersonal skills, and people really like him. Not like you like a car salesman, but they actually like him. He said that he had verkooptraining in the Netherlands. I don’t speak Dutch, so he told me it means sales training. We have sales training here, but he must have had a really good school. Maybe there is a little natural talent there too. I just can’t tell. He said that believing in the products or services is also a huge help. I have always supported that as a manager. I could not stick with a company that sold something I would not use my self or recommend for my family to use.

Our salesman was hired because he could speak Dutch, Frisian and German. He was working one of the international desks as a salesman for the Netherlands and Germany. We had only expanded to international sales in the last five years, and it was definitely a growing market for our product. We sold to other countries too, but this guy was really bringing up the numbers for the countries he dealt with. I kind of wish he spoke several other languages to help with the other international sales desks. Since he doesn’t, I started talking more to him about his verkooptraining, and inquired about starting an internal program here that could recreate what he learned.

It would be great to have that level of training in all the languages of commerce. Though most people who buy and sell internationally speak English, it is much better to complete training in one’s native language. It really helps in fully grasping complex concepts such as international trade relations. Well, for the time being, at least we have one rising sales star at our company who completed his verkooptraining.