Recommendations For First-Time Hikers

Recommendations For First-Time Hikers

January 27, 2019 0 By Emmy D. Frank

Healthy lifestyle becomes a priority today, and many people are searching for options to make their everyday routine healthier. This is also true considering hobbies, vacations, entertainment, and rest. If you wonder what type of activity to pursue to upgrade your health, and also to never be bored, hiking is one of the best choices.

However, first-time hikers often face a bunch of issues and problems, both on the stage of preparation to the walking tour and during it as well. Check out the recommendations below and if you find hiking too complicated for you better check wellhello review and find a different hobby. For those who still want to see new landscapes and feel more connected to nature, following our recommendations will help to make the first experience more tolerable.

Your First Walking Tour

There are many rules to follow during the walking tour, to make it safe and enjoyable. You also have to choose where to go and know how to prepare. Here are some of the rules to remember:

  • Go with a professional guide and a group of experienced hikers, at least for two-three times. This is a guarantee of your safety, adequate experience, and actually, enjoy.
  • do not choose a long tour if you are not particularly fit for walking, especially with a heavy backpack. Please mind that if you are a dancer or swimmer, of course walking will be easier for you than for a totally unfit person, but still, this is a different activity, so you may become tired very quickly.
  • It is better to go for a tour at the end of summer or beginning of the autumn. You will be fit enough after the summer months, and nights are usually warmer as well as the ground, and the weather is not likely to change very fast. Also, you have less risk of sunburns or allergy to insect bites.
  • Overall, avoid walking tours during colder seasons until you are a very experienced walker. Hiking in cold seasons needs additional equipment which you do not need to buy for your first tries.
  • Make sure you have all clothes and equipment needed; ask the guide what to buy, what to rent, and what you can borrow from friends or just ignore.
  • Ask for help when packing your things. It may sound weird and ridiculous, but you are 100% likely to take a lot of unnecessary stuff with you which you will never even take out from the bag. An experienced traveler will help you sort the things and decide what to leave at home.
  • If you cannot go without a particular thing or set of things (like personal cosmetics and skincare products), think what can replace them for a short period during the tour.
  • Take time to prepare and walk for an hour each day, starting two weeks before the tour. This will help you to avoid exhaustion on the very first day.
  • If you have any health issues you are aware of, visit the doctor and make sure you have all medications with you. Also, inform the guide and other members of the team what can happen, and what they should do. You have to be prepared that some guides can deny your participation in their walking tours if your health is deteriorated.
  • During the tour, you have to be aware that you are inexperienced, so do not be shy to ask for help or advice. On the other hand, try to collaborate and help other members. They might want to teach you stuff or ask you to do some unskilled labor. Do not be offended, this is not being done to humiliate you.

Follow these rules, and your first walking tour will be pleasantly unforgettable!