Checklist for Travelers to Canada

One way to get to know a person is to travel with him or her. People’s true personality tends to emerge when they are dealing with stress. They also reveal their maturity, sense of responsibility, and other positive qualities or lack there of when faced with situations with which they are not familiar. However, that does not necessarily mean that you should seek out stressful travel situations in order to discover your travel companion’s true personality. It therefore pays to anticipate difficulties when traveling with others and to be ready for them.

If you are traveling to Canada, the first priority is to be sure to carry your travel documents. If you are from the United States, you need to have a valid passport, permanent residence card or nexus card (US citizens and permanent residents are allowed to enter Canada without a visa). If you come from a country that is not included on Canada’s visa-exempt list, then you should have your travel documents and visas ready. Border officers and airport customs will check these documents before they grant you entry into the country or even allow you to board an airplane flying to Canada.

Those who are traveling on temporary resident visas should also bring their visitors to Canada insurance documents in case border officers ask to see it. To be safe, you should also bring photocopies of all of your travel and identification documents.

Of course, a traveler’s checklist should include appropriate clothing. The type of clothes you need to bring to Canada will depend upon the time of year that you will be there, and the place where you will be staying.

If you are in Canada for the summer, you can bring your usual summer clothes: t-shirts, shorts, jeans, and other light clothing. You should also bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats for UV protection. Summers in Canada can get very hot, just as it can get very cold during the winter. If your visit occurs during this season, do not forget to bring your warmest jackets, boots, and long underwear. You should also bring wind breakers, gloves, scarves, mufflers, and hats. The cold winds can get very strong during winter, especially if you are headed to the prairies – Manitoba, Saskatchewan and northern Alberta. Actually, anywhere in the North will be cold.

Canada has plenty of outdoor adventure attractions, so there is a chance that you will go hiking or exploring the outdoors. You should definitely bring a pair of sturdy hiking boots, or at least walking shoes. Even if you do not plan to go hiking or trekking, walking through snowy streets still requires a pair of boots. Be sure not to forget warm socks as well!

There are also cities in Canada, in northern Ontario, Quebec and the Acadian regions of the Maritimes, where Canadian French is widely spoken. The people of Quebec, for instance, often prefer not to speak English even if they can understand it. So do not forget to bring a French phrasebook with you.

Finally, you should have a widely-accepted credit card in your wallet at all times. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted in most stores, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial establishments.

Doug Manfrin named Executive Chef at Inn at Cedar Falls

The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, located in southeast Ohio’s stunning Hocking Hills region, announced today that Doug Manfrin has joined the Inn as Executive Chef. Manfrin will oversee all food and beverage operations at the award-winning country Inn, which is nationally known for its culinary focus. Manfrin will work with Inn gardener, Kellie Hutchison, to expand the Inn’s on-property gardens, developing menus and recipes based on produce and foraged ingredients produced on site or from local farms, forests and suppliers.

Residing with his wife, Melissa, on a 47-acre Hocking Hills farm, Manfrin says living on a farm gives him a truer understanding of and respect for how the best ingredients are produced.

“Just as a chef shepherds the kitchen, it takes a lot of work and passion to take a farm or garden where you want it to be,” Manfrin said. “I love growing ingredients that I can use both in my home kitchen and in recipes for the Inn’s guests.”

Innkeepers Ellen Grinsfelder and Terry Lingo expressed elation at the addition of Manfrin to the Inn’s culinary staff.
“Doug brings the perfect blend of both experience and passion to our team,” said Lingo. “He will be an asset to the restaurant and our entire business and we look forward to showcasing his fine food to our guests as he grows the Inn’s already-strong culinary offerings.”

Most recently, Manfrin served as Executive Chef for Sushi Rock Restaurant in Columbus’ Short North Arts & Entertainment District. In that role, he was responsible for creating and executing the menu, and supervising a staff of 10+ employees. Previously, Manfrin served as Sous Chef at Spagio in Columbus, as well as at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, WV. In addition, he worked as Executive Chef for the Sandstone Restaurant in the 1990s and has served in the U.S. Marine Corps. Manfrin attended Hocking College from 2009-2013, graduating with a degree in Culinary Arts and Baking. He is also proficient in technology, having attended Belmont Technical College.

A Hocking Hills Tourism Association Certified Green destination, The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls is located ½ mile above Hocking Hills’ scenic Cedar Falls. The region offers a variety of recreational opportunities including hiking, bird watching, canoeing and fishing, as well as exquisite photo opportunities. The Inn’s pampering spa offers a full complement of spa services, including couples massage, girlfriend getaways, bridal parties and group events. Fine American cuisine is the specialty at the Inn’s dining room and meals are prepared with the finest organic herbs, produce and ingredients. The Gathering Place at The Inn at Cedar Falls caters to weddings, family reunions, business retreats and organizational brainstorming sessions of up to 50 guests. Reservations and complete information on the Inn, Spa and Gathering Place are available at or 1-800-653-2557 (1-800-65-FALLS). The Inn is a member of Select Registry Distinguished Inns of North America.

Holiday Packages for Chail-Visit the Destinations to Make Your Trip Much Enjoyable

When you wish to engage in a trip, then you need to browse a lot. Browsing can enable you with the choice of destination; thereby you can confirm the destination by engaging in the option of browsing. When you have confirmed the destination, then you can turn fixing the travel mode and also the option of staying too, whereby the choice of destination is much important. The choice of Holiday packages for Chamba is a nice option to start with.

The very first destination to visit is Saho. This is one among the very prettiest villages present in Himachal Pradesh. This is present on the breathtaking plateau. This is also on the right side of River Sal. You can also view the presence of Shiva Temple over here, which is much hidden in the trees surrounded. There is the presence of 2 Shiva statues present in the entrance part, whereby the presence of Shivalingam is also there. There is a presence of Nandi Bull, which keeps facing the entrance present. There is presence of natural spring which is much believed to have the medicinal properties to cure the ailments. There is the annual fair organizable here in the months of August and also in September. There are likely chances to people engage in trekking, as it can offer you the fantastic option to move on, since it’s much filled with greenery.

Mahal to view so

Then you will definitely have to visit Rang Mahal, which is much to be the largest monument present in this area, as it’s much built with brick. This is present in Surara Mohalla. This is the blend of both Mughal and also the British architectures. There is the presence of very much painted paintings which is under preservation at the location of Bhuri Singh Museum of Chamba. There are also some artworks displayed at the country’s capital, National Museum New Delhi.

Then you can visit Chamunda Devi temple, which is the temple dedicated to Goddess Chamunda Devi. This temple is much depicting the architecture in a rich manner. This also does feature the Mandab and a fire pit too. This mandab has the votive bell having the Nagari inscription in it. From here, you can also have the fantastic view of Chamba valley.

Temples to visit

Then you must visit Sui Mata Temple. This is much a Hindu pilgrimage centre. This temple is in the intersecting part of other two temples, Chamunda Devi temple and also Brajeswari Temple. This temple is the dedication to Chamba, who is the princess of this region, whereby she sacrificed her life for the kingdom. Also, this temple has the story of Sui Mata, in the paintings mode.

Then you can much visit Bhuri Singh Museum. This is present in Chamba Valley, whereby acting as the abode of Basohli and also Kangra Paintings.