Busch Gardens spring excitement with Falcon’s Fury and Kids Triathlon

On Feb 28, Busch Gardens announced on Twitter that their highly anticipated thrill ride, Falcon’s Fury will open on May 1st to eager adventure seekers. The Fury will be the first ride of its kind to have ride enthusiasts experience free falling from 335 feet to the ground, face first! You can learn more about the behind the scenes preparation as Busch Garden ride engineers show how they put this monstrous Fury together click here.

As visitors prepare for spring and summer vacations, there’s lots of new excitement for the entire family at Busch Gardens even if you’re not a thrill seeker. On March 1st they celebrate the birthday of three lion cubs. Kembe, Shaba and Shtuko turn a year old and close to 200 lbs. Busch Gardens is having a Lion Birthday Party in the Edge of Africa.

Also coming up on March 22 is the Tampa Bay Kids Triathlon. This is a great event for kids 6 to 14 years of age to experience a triathlon at Busch Gardens Adventure Island Water Park. There are two divisions for 6-10 and 11-14 age groups. Over 450 participants will participate before the park opens and why not stay at the parks to celebrate a great accomplishment after the race.

Explore The Beauty of Canada With Study Travel

For incredible inspiration and an injection of adventure in the subject you study, travel to Canada, one the most naturally diverse countries in the world. Famously clean-living, laid-back and very welcoming, the Canadians have a good standard of living and seem very content and positive about their beautiful country. Combining study, travel and a touch of adventure is the perfect way to enhance a student’s learning and encourage personal development.

Canada has much to satisfy the adventurous student. With a popular outdoor culture there is the opportunity to hike, climb, ski or kayak and explore some of the magnificent natural playground that makes up the majority of this vast country. You may be lucky enough to encounter a Grizzly Bear or even spot a Humpback Whale while on a boat trip off the west coast. Seeing one of these beauties gracefully break the surface of the ocean is an awesome experience.

Visit Niagara Falls, Canada’s Most Famed Attraction

Niagara Falls is one of the world’s most stunning [and certainly its most voluminous] waterfall in terms of water flow. The Niagara Falls waterfall is actually a group of three that is located right on the border between The United States and Canada. Just standing and taking in this amazing sight is breathtaking, but the more adventurous can get really close and take an exciting boat trip right under the fall of the water; it’s a lot of fun but be prepared to get very wet! The water racing over the precipice is deafening, the spray is spectacular and the feeling of human insignificance in the presence of such a sight is heightened. Visiting these falls is certainly a memorable and also somewhat humbling experience.

City Life

Vancouver is situated on the coast of Canada and is considered one of the best places in the world to live. A visit to Vancouver helps students identify the differences between this first world society and their own, as well as question the economic disparities and reasons for these. This city is home to a very diverse population and therefore many languages are spoken – in fact, English is the first language of only about half of the people that live here.

Another great city is the provincial, cultural and economic capital of Canada, Toronto. There are so many opportunities in the city to suit several different areas of study. Travel to Toronto to visit one of the many museums, explore Toronto Island, or climb the tallest free-standing tower in the western hemisphere, The CN Tower. The more daring among your students can even do an Edge Walk, an exhilarating no-hands walk right on the outside ledge of the tower. The views are second to none even if the experience makes it tough to keep your eyes open.

Montreal is another cultural gem. There is an eclectic art scene here and some wonderful museums housing them. If French is your field of study, travel to Quebec where students can immerse themselves in the bilingual culture. Canada has endless opportunities for exploration, study and adventure and a holiday here will certainly be one to remember.

Golfing the Mississippi "Sweet Tees" Route

BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI — When we told our Boston friends we were coming down here to play golf, they all said “Oh, you’re going to play that fabulous “Trail?”
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Yes, we answered, we are. But we were wrong, at least partly.

“The Trail” is in Alabama, not Mississippi — so were wrong about that. But we were right about Mississippi courses being fabulous.

Mississippi golf is among the best kept secret of the golfing world.

We played five beautiful courses, all different, all challenging, all superb in design. And there were 165 others we didn’t get to.

Too bad Mississippi doesn’t have its own catchy golf promotion. It might want to advertise “Mississippi Sweet Tees,” or something like that.

Our introduction to Mississippi golf came through the Society of American Travel Writers, which had its annual convention in Biloxi last fall. Whenever the land and the weather of the best convention site lends itself to an SATW golf tournament, the organization includes one within its meeting dates, and this year tournament players got a chance to play on the beautiful Fallen Oaks Golf Course, named for the thousand-year-old oak trees and the namesake live oak tree on its property. Only those who stay at the immense Beau Rivage Hotel in Biloxi may play the Tom Fazio designed course, which has challenging heart-stopping marsh hazards and plenty of other water surprises.

Driving three hours north of Biloxi, we stopped at the Peal River Resort in Choctaw, Mississippi, which boasts the only American Indian owned golf club in Mississippi. The Choctaw tribe owns the club, which has two courses, the Oaks and the Azaleas, both located on the Choctaw Indian Reservation and within a golf cart’s ride over to three enormous casinos, which they call “Vegas with sweet tea.” Among other things, it offers scholarships for Choctaw golfers. (Also on the reservation is a water theme park.)

Tom Fazio and Jerry Pate designed the two championship golf courses. The Oaks features a mix of Bermuda and Zoysia grass fairways nd Bermuda greens; the Azaleas offers bent grass greens and is called “The Augusta You Can Play” by Golf Magazine. If you play here in March, you’ll see the dazzling azalea bushes in bloom similar to those at Augusta. The Oaks is ranked Number 7 on Golf Magazine’s “Top 10 Underrated Courses in America” and features many elevation changes with greens that are large, undulating and fast. The fairways cut through a deep pine forest and several holes require players to carry over water.

The Dancing Rabbit Clubhouse looks like an old Southern mansion with one of those massive porches that wrap around the whole building, and there are eight suites on the second floor for overnight stays. Among the restaurants in the nearby casinos is Philip M’s, an elegant steakhouse with a beloved chowder.

“They tried to take it off the menu,” recalled Dancing Rabbit director of golf Mark Powell, “and it created a fight like the one at Little Big Horn, so they kept it on.” Saffron Chowder consists of cream infused with Spanish saffron, complimented with lobster, shrimp and jumbo lump crab reduced to a thick, rich, well-seasoned soup topped with light flaky puff pastry. Ordering it for lunch tends to make you late for your tee time.

We next headed to West Point, Mississippi, and the magnificent Old Waverly Golf Course, founded by George W. Bryan, senior vice president of Sara Lee Corporation’s meat division and a local boy who grew up in this area. The championship course was designed by Jerry Pate and Bob Cupp and takes excellent advantage of the landscape.

Champion Bermuda grass is used on the greens because it does not die out in the hot Southern summers. (The golf course is open all year). Old Waverly boasts an active junor golf program, starting young golfers learning the game at age four or five, as well as a junor golf foundation.

Two of the prettiest — and most challenging — holes are found on the front nine. The par-4 No. 6 demands a smart, strong tee shot to cross a deep chasm, with a precise swing following in order to stop your ball on a downhill approach near the pin. There is a sweet statue of a club member who died of breast cancer on the next hole, a lovely par 3 that requires an uphill shot over a little waterfall.

The winner of the US. Open in June, 1999, golfer Juli Inkster, was inducted into the LPGA Hall of Fame, and when she was working up to the contest, she played here at Waverly, setting a scoring record. She beat all previous records by beating by six strokes anyone’s previous best, finishing four rounds at 16 under par.

The clubhouse at old Waverly echoes the style of the ante-bellum home six miles away, the Waverly Mansion, which is open to the public for tours

There is a choice of dining options at Old Waverly, and we were treated to an excellent steak dinner cooked by Executive Chef Bubba gross, who devised his own personal Old Waverly steak rub with all the trimmings. We stayed in one of the four-bedroom cottages on Lake Waverly near the clubhouse and course.

Our big surprise was the last course, near Jackson in the town of Grenada in the Hills Region of Mississippi, located halfway between Memphis, Tennesse, and Jackson.

The Dogwoods Course lies in the midst of the deep woods of the Hugh Jackson State Park. A public 18-hole golf course costing all of $35 per round, it feels spacious and open despite the surrounding woods, with wide open fairways moving up and down the gentle hilly terrain. The greens are large as well. Several of the holes on the back nine have views of Granada Lake where fishermen have as good a time as the golfers, finding plenty of crappie, bass, bream and catfish in these waters. The Dogwoods is a nature lover’s course, and is the Number 8 course in Mississippi according to Golf Digest. Opened in 2006 and designed by Gary Roger Baird, it is a delight to play and a surprise as to how nicely groomed, given our previous days’ plays on perfectly manicured private courses.

While the humble Dogwoods clubhouse is nothing like the extravagant mansions, dining rooms and lounges of the private courses where we played, you can find good hearty sandwiches and drinks there, as well as a practice range, and on the course itself, as much challenge as the elite private places where we tried our hands (and balls).

One other advantage in Mississippi golf that you won’t find in Hilton Head, Kiawah, Arizona or anywhere else: the lovely sound of that sweet Mississippi honey-butter drawl on the local lips.

A Glimpse of Ancient Maldives – A Rich Cultural Heritage

Historical references show that the first settlers of Maldives were the Dravidian people from Kerala who. In the ancient times the main business activity of the locals were sale of cowry shells, dried tuna fish and coir ropes.


The Maldives is a nation consisting of twenty six atolls settling in the pristine blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Due to the climate and exotic surroundings of the country, the Maldives has become a much sort out venue for holiday makers and honeymooners.

The history of Maldives holds many secrets, treasured attributes and many untold stories quite unlike any other. But what can be gathered from historical references is that the first settlers of Maldives were the Dravidian people from Kerala who probably would have been fishermen from the south of the Indian subcontinent and western shores of Sri Lanka. However, according to the references from the Mahavansa, Maldives is marked by the arrival of Sinhalese people who were descendants from King Vijaya.

At the time of King Ashoka’s expansion in the region, Buddhism was introduced to the country and a great number of marvellous writings, architecture, sculptures and artistic achievements are from this era. At the end of 12th century AD Islam was introduced to the country and to this day the main religion of the country continues to be Islam. In the ancient times the main business activity of the locals were sale of cowry shells, dried tuna fish and coir ropes. With time and changing economic policies, the country opened doors for foreign investments out of which most are directed towards promoting the tourism industry.

With the increase in foreign investments a lot of world renowned hotel brands have invested in building chains of Maldives luxury resorts and hotels. This gives visitors and locals the opportunity to choose from a wide range of hotels to suite their budgets. The competition is so high in the tourism industry that one hotel tries to be more creative and amazing than another that it is impossible to name one as the best resort in Maldives. Many hotels feature special honeymoon packages, spas, desert island picnics, sunset cruises, a spread of mouth-watering cuisines and comfortable and relaxing lodging. Baros Maldives is a property complete with scenic beauty, warm and friendly hospitality, intimate settings, water sport activities, fine dining experience and elegant infrastructure, providing a truly memorable stay full of fun in the sun, sand and surf.

Paddle boat the Tidal Basin in Washington DC

The Tidal Basin is a small body of water near the National Mall along Independence Avenue. Here you can walk the famous 2.1 mile walk around the Tidal Basin, offering unparalleled views of Washington’s springtime cherry blossoms. I’s also home to the Jefferson Memorial, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial.

Take the Metro to the Smithsonian Station, where you will have an easy jaunt of about .40 to the Tidal Basin. Or, you can park free at East Potomac Park, where the Tidal Basin is only a short walk from the parking lot. Either way, consider renting a paddle boat near the Jefferson Memorial for an idyllic afternoon in the Nation’s Capitol.

Please don’t pinch me!

At this time of the winter season it has lost its allure for a majority of the population. One technique for surviving these last days is looking ahead and making plans for spring. Will you be putting in a garden or maybe riding your bicycle again?

Saint Patrick’s Day is a special day for wearing green and the taste of cabbage and corned beef. The holiday is also time for a parade with many all across the country and around the world to choose. Atlantic City Saint Patrick’s Day Parade will be Saturday March 15th 2014 at 1:00 PM. The parade travels along world famous Atlantic City Boardwalk with 2014 Grand Marshal Frank Ferry and Tom Flynn. It is planned a festival of color, fun and music with bagpipes, local high school marching bands, string bands, Irish step dancers and floats. The route starts at Revel Casino terminating at Albany Avenue.

In 1986 the owner of Circle Tavern, Al McMahon organized Atlantic City’s first Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. Supported by several tavern owners, the Irish Cultural Society, and the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick joined in the parade. At first it had 1,000 participants attended by 35,000 people.

Saint Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on March 17th, named after the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick (AD 385-461). The holiday is celebrated around the world but a public holiday in Ireland, Newfoundland, Labrador and Montserrat. Green ribbons and shamrocks were worn to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day since the 17th century. A three-leaved shamrock symbolized the Holy Trinity for pagan Irish.

Atlantic City is on 8.1-mile long Absecon Island, population of 39,558. Incorporating in 1854 the city is amid those of Ventnor, Margate and southwest Longport. It is 127 miles south of New York City and 62 miles southwest of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. With landfall of Hurricane Sandy in October 2012 the city came into news.

Atlantic City Boardwalk is the key element tying together community attractions of the seaside resort. National Geographic has called it the grandfather of boardwalks. The 10 feet wide boardwalk was dedicated in 1870 at a cost of $5,000.

The 1889 hurricane destroyed the boardwalk with its replacement 24 feet wide, 4 miles long and 10-foot high railings on each side. Further refinements in coming years improved its aesthetic and structural integrity. Currently the boardwalk begins north at Absecon Inlet, running along the beach in a southwest direction four miles to the city limit. It then stretches 1.5 miles into Ventnor City.

Atlantic City is a 400 miles drive from Rochester NY with a 6.5 hour drive. Drive east on I-90 at Syracuse take US 81 south to Scranton PA, then US 476 south to US 76 into downtown Philadelphia. Then take Atlantic City Expressway into Atlantic City.
If you are looking for a new parade this year why not celebrate the holiday and visit Atlantic City?

A fun little place with free samples

Amidst beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch Country in historic Lititz is the country’s first pretzel bakery, Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery. Handmade soft pretzels are baked in the historic facility, with the main production facility of Tom Sturgis Pretzels i in Reading PA. The same recipe Julius starting pretzel baking in 1861 is still used today.

After a tour of the original bakery visitors receive a lesson in pretzel twisting. Dough is given to each participant after watching an experienced baker’s hand twisting the old-fashioned soft pretzels to teach twisting their own pretzels.

A bakery store has delicious treats and souvenirs that may be purchased to take home. A comprehensive selection of pretzels includes Dutch, hard, thin, Honey Mustard, Onion, hot Cheese, Sesame and Cinnamon & Sugar flavor. There are chocolate covered pretzels for sweet lovers.

Sturgis Pretzel House has historic roots before its use as a commercial pretzel bakery Peter Kreiter built the building in 1784, one of the original structures in Lititz. It was built from stones from nearby woods and streets. Windows were used to fire muskets against native Indian attacks.
Pretzels have a long historic past but their origin is uncertain. One story is of Italians monks in 610 AD using scraps of dough formed to shape children’s praying arms with three holes symbolizing the Christian Trinity.

Pennsylvania remains the center of American pretzel production, for both soft bread and hard crispy types. The state produces 80% of the nations pretzels, over $550 million annually. The annual consumption of pretzels averages nearly 1.5 pounds per American. April 26th was declared ‘National Pretzel Day’ by Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell.

Operational Hours Monday – Saturday
January – March 15
Bakery tour
10:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Bakery Store
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
March 16- December 31
Bakery tour
9:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Bakery Store
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Closed New Years Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas
Tour cost
Adults $3.50
Children $2.50
219 East Main Street
Lititz, PA
Lititz is a borough 6 miles north of Lancaster, with routes 501 and 772 intersecting within its limits. Moravian Church Members founded Lititz in 1756. Lancaster was the largest inland city in the Colonies during the Revolutionary War with a current population of 59,322.
Lititz PA is a 5 hour drive of 286 miles from Rochester NY. Drive south on route 15 past the state border into Pennsylvania through Williamsburg, and Lewistown into Harrisburg. Exit onto US 76, then south on route 501 to the museum.

Here is a visitors insight into the tour
“Make your own pretzel is lots of fun! Make sure you buy a soft pretzel before you go you will want two.”

Make Use of Online Website Review Before Booking Any Villa at Gili

Planning for an exotic trip to Gili Islands? Haven’t booked any villas or hotels to stay? You are too late! So you must be looking for some quicker hotel booking tips. Right? Well, going through the online website reviews is one of the quicker and sure shot ways of getting the right villas and luxury hotel in Gili Trawangan.

But, how can you make use of these online reviews? Well here goes the answer to your question:

  • Examine out more than one resource. Although you should view the evaluation area of a website, that is never enough. Of course you should check out the resort’s review web page, because you can get any beneficial functions detailed, but if there are any disadvantages about the place, you will never discover them on the resort’s own website.
  • Search for the place. Go through major search engines to find the name of the place. It should be readily available in the search engine. It can be recognized by the “pushpin” symbol that will be next to it. If it has reviews next to it, it indicates that the place has been analyzed on that web page. It may also say the variety of opinions the place has. If there are a lot of opinions, you can usually get a better impact of resort.
  • Click next to the reviews, where it says “X variety of reviews are listed below” and you will be taken straight to the resort’s web page, where you can study the opinions.
  • Besides Google (which usually many you will use), several other are also there. To confirm if the place you are looking for is detailed with them.
  • Check the regional Chamber of Commerce website for the town the place is in.
  • Understand that a bad evaluation might just be bitter vineyard. Look to see if the issue is reinforced by other opinions. If a resort has many four and five-star opinions, and one one-star evaluation, it may be because some goofball or dissatisfied worker or opponent has a processor on their neck. Cure such circumstances with a touch of suspicion. Don’t let one bad review mess up what might be a great holiday option for you. (You should bear in mind that it is probably unlawful, and certainly a breach of Internet guidelines, for a competitive organization to junk a company on evaluation websites.)
  • If there are many adverse opinions and only a few good ones, on the other hand, you should definitely steer of the organization.
  • If you do discover bad opinions, make sure if the proprietor or some other associate of the place has taken the persistence to react to them. See if the reaction is innovative and respectful.

Virgin America sweetens First Class with Humphry Slocombe ice cream and more

Flying First Class on Virgin America just got tastier with the addition of Humphry Slocombe icea cream, new cocktail service, table linens and other amenities. The California-based carrier announced today that is offering a new enhanced First Class menu and service on its long-haul business flights between San Francisco and Los Angeles to Newark, New York, Boston and Washington, D.C. (Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport) – as of March 4, 2014.

In addition to its traditional after-takeoff cocktail service, inflight service will include cocktail hors d’oeuvres of roasted tomato, marinated artichoke heart, olive and mozzarella skewer, served with warmed mixed nuts – as well as a choice of two appetizers and three entrées in-flight. The icing on the cake is the debut of the airline’s first custom ice cream flavor, developed in collaboration with San Francisco’s cult favorite ice cream maker, Humphry Slocombe.

The airline wants your help in deciding the soon-to-be signature Virgin America ice cream flavor by casting a vote (between today and Feb. 28) via Twitter for one of three exclusive ice cream flavors created for the airline by Humphry Slocombe. The flavor with the most votes will become the airline’s signature ice cream flavor and will be served up alongside Humphry Slocombe’s delicious Tahitian Vanilla on SFO-originating flights in First Class starting March 4, 2014.

Travelers in any cabin can also score a free scoop of Humphry Slocombe’s ice cream at either of the outlet’s two San Francisco locations (The Ferry Building & Mission) by presenting their Virgin America boarding pass from March 4-June 30th. The airline is also updating its First Class service settings, with hot towel and linen table service available on all flights. Full menu highlights are listed below.

Humphry Slocombe – ranked as “SF’s Best Local Ice Cream” by Thrillist – was founded in 2008 in San Francisco and, like Virgin America, is known for its witty and inventive approach to mixing unusual flavors – like the bourbon and cornflakes featured in their popular “Secret Breakfast” flavor..

Guests traveling through SFO’s T2 today can taste test the new Virgin flavors before casting their vote. The three flavors are:

· #ButterByMoodlight: Inspired by Virgin America’s signature moodlighting, this flavor is a creamy combination of brown butter and blueberry glaze.
· #RedHotBanana: Combines buttery banana cream with sweet cinnamon spice from mashed Red Hot candies.
· #CoconutBlondAmbition: A nod to Virgin Group’s inimitable founder Sir Richard Branson, Humphry Slocombe’s signature vanilla marshmallow fluff mingles with lemon citrus sorbet and a creamy coconut finish.

Passengers flying First will be treated to an even more upscale menu and service experience as of March 4, with offerings such a mixed herb salad with bresaola, soba noodles with lemongrass shiitake broth and faro risotto with spring succotash

Shop ‘til you drop during Miami malls March madness special

Attention shoppers headed to Miami, the Greater Miami Convention and Visitor’s Bureau just declared March as Shop Miami Month. What does this mean to plastic pushers? It means savings and spcials at two South Florida’s premier shopping centers – Village of Merrick Park and Bayside Marketplace that’s what. –

Label addicts can brouse boutiques for their favorite brands such as Gucci, Burberry and Diane Von Furstenberg or just hit the shops and trust your luck.

At Village of Merrick Park, nestled in historic Coral Gables within a lush tropical enclave, more than 100 retailers and restaurants await your business. Recent additions include J. Crew, Athleta and global lifestyle brand Michael Kors. In addition, the multi-leveled center welcomed tea accessory retailer Teavana; boutique Calypso St. Barth; children’s clothing brand Peek; and retailer Purificacion Garcia.

To fuel you for your buying binge there’s an assortment of restaurants and cafes offering contemporary to international cuisine. And shoppers who spend $200 or more during the month of March can turn in their receipts to get a free Desktop Photo Album in honor of Shop Miami Month. Shoppers can redeem receipts Monday-Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. in the Mall Management Office, located on Level 3. Limit one per day, per customer, while supplies last. For a complete list of retailers and more information about Village of Merrick Park, visit www.villageofmerrickpark.com.

Around the two-level, open-air Bayside Marketplace, which is located on Biscayne Bay in the heart of downtown Miami, you’ll experience Miami life with worldwide cuisine, fine shops and exotic music in a scenic, waterfront setting. The mall houses 150-plus stores and outlets such as GUESS, Victoria’s Secret, Express, Bath & Body Works and Brookstone. You buying bonus comes after you spend $100 or more during the month of March by way of a free Bayside Nylon Tote in celebration of Shop Miami Month. Shoppers can redeem receipts Monday-Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. in the Mall Management Office, located on Level 3 in the North Building. For a complete list of retailers and more information about Bayside Marketplace, visit www.baysidemarketplace.com.