4 Star Hotels in Dehradun – High Class Accommodations for You

The capital city Dehradun immediately brings to mind a picture of glamour and aristocracy considering that it flaunts the famous Doon School, from which well known personalities like Sanjay Dutt etc have passed out as well as the Indian Military Academy where cadets undergo a full training course to pass out as Army Officers. Not to mention that we have the Forest Research Institute and The Welham School for Boys & Girls there too.
However located in the Doon Valley Region at the foothold of The Himalayas, Dehradun has a lot to offer in terms of heritage and tourism. It is a gateway to two of the most sought after places of piligrimage- Haridwar, where the Ganga flows down to the plains and is one of the four destinations of the Kumbh Mela and Rishikesh which can be called as the centre of World Yoga, a must for every spiritual aspirant. Other places are the Tapkeshwar Temple, Kalanga Monument, Tapovan, Malsi Deer Park, The Char Siddhis or group of four temples (Laxman Siddh, Kalu Siddh, Manak Siddh & Madu SIddh), RobberâEUR(TM)s Cave, Central, Braille Press, Sahastradhara or site of thousand springs, Santaura Devi Temple, Bhadraj Temple, Lachhiwala, Rajaji National Park, Kalinga War Memorial, Mindrolling Monaestry, Clock Tower, Ram Rai Darbar, Jwalaji Temple and Sai Darbar Temple etc.
Dehradun also has proximity to Mussorie, Nainital and Auli and it also flaunts the only full sized ice arena in India at Maharana Pratap Sports Complex, Raipur where Ice Skating Competitions and Ice Hockey Tournaments are held. Known as the Doon Ice Rink it has to its credit of hosting the prestigious IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia.
It attracts International and National Tourists alike and to cater to them has a range of hotels including 4 star and 5 star hotels. Some of the prominent 4 star hotels present there are given below:

    • The Solitaire at Haridwar Bye Pass Road and 6 km from the railway station, it offers all modern facilities including Spa, Swimming Pool and fitness centre.


    • At a distance of around 3 km from the Railway Station is Hotel Pacific with the Malsi Deer Park just 15 minutes away.


    • Naturoville Luxury Spa Resort which is a 20 minute drive from Rishikesh.


    • Hotel Madhuban which is ten minutes away from Dehradun Railway Station.


    • The Competent Palace at Chakrata Road close to the Industrial Area around 20Kms away from Dehradun Main City.


    • Hotel Softel Plaza at Sharanpur Road surrounded by a lush green environment.


    • Shaheen Bagh which in itself is a place to watch rare birds with scenic views.


Inderlok Hotel on the Dehradun- Mussorie Road with proximity to the religious places on one side and the Mussorie hills on the other side.
The Viceroy Inn Hotel on NH-72 Almost all these hotels give free wi- fi and have conference halls and lounges. These Hotels are also associated with number of tour operators and as a package in a tour would be value for money too.

Not Driving All The Way: Cheap Air Travel To Canada

When it comes to finding one of the most beautiful countries that you could enjoy and explore, with the friendly faces and immersing yourself with the multicultural atmosphere that a place could offer, the best country that you should visit is Canada. Though some people would often just drive all the way from the US to Canada, there are those who would rather skip the long periods of driving and the hassles of having to stay focused on the road and would just opt to book for a reservation for a flight.

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Tips to Survive Your Long Distance Flight

Taking those 2 to 6 hours flights may not be big deal for most flyers, but when it comes to a long-haul flight you will have to find ways to “survive” it. Here are some of the more important things you can do to make your trip more comfortable.

Those frequent flyer miles you have long been accumulating can be of great help when you are in a long-distance flight. So if you have your frequent flyer miles, make sure to get the most out of them during your long-haul. They could mean the following – first-class legroom, some great food, full-recline chairs, breathing space and entertainment. If anything else, make sure that you get an upgrade when flying for more than 7 hours.

Secondly, because you have lots of time at your hand during the trip, it is important to find ways to escape boredom. This will require much more than working, writing important business proposals, and checking those reports. All these can help burn up a few hours, but you are still going to have a lot of vacant hours to fill up with something. Games, movies and music can be of great help. The key is to use more captivating movies and games so that you will not know where the hours flew by.

When flying on a trip of over 8-10 hours, it is better to keep your luggage low. The checked baggage charges may inspire you normally to carry more, but when it comes to long-haul flights, you are going to be at a loss. You don’t want to find yourself in a space that is cramped and has lesser legroom, especially when you will be almost in that position for 10-16 hours. Bring just enough so that you don’t have to make room for it in your sleeping space.

Always carry your go-to gear when on a long-haul flight. This includes neck pillow, eye mask, noise-canceling headphones, earplugs and a few other things. These items are not large in size, so they will not interfere with the requirement to keep the carry-on smaller. Keep in mind that your body and mind will require every tiny amount of comfort that you can provide. Keep in mind that the engine noise and pilot announcements will seem to be sweet in the beginning of the journey, but hearing them repetitively can be a big inconvenience. Besides, there are going to be crying kids and major strain in the neck. So make sure to carry your go-to gear along.

Most of the time, traveler will take their long-haul flight to be a great place to rest. It may seem to be an intelligent strategy to get onto the plane extremely tired, thinking that you could sleep the entire way. However it is recommended that you would rather have all the rest before boarding the plane. You could never know what may prevent you from having a relaxing sleep during the journey. So if you are planning to take a long-distance journey, make sure that you follow the above-mentioned tips.

Airport Town Car Seattle

When settling for airport town car Seattle transportation, think about comfort and not necessarily luxury or the size of the limousine. This is because these vehicles offer a middle-ground alternative as regards a taxi or a stretch limousine is concerned. They are typically large, full-sized and often the rear wheel drives are luxury defined much like any other limousine service, bit comes at cheaper rates. Most of the services are family-owned and operated. But there are companies that deal with such rental services too. If you are on the lookout for Seattle town car airport services, investing on it will turn to be a fruitful venture as these chauffeurs will ensure you have convenient and smooth journeying.

Seattle has a plethora of trusted and reliable town cars and limo services. All of them are professional and you can book ahead with your credit card all online services. If you ask households or even the companies concerned, they will tell how they specialize in meet and greet services and offers advanced city tours. But there is a reason why corporate executives, private clients or business delegates vouch for sedan services. The airport town car Seattle promises hassle-free transportation and you can have convenience of all types.

-Ease in transportation: By resorting to town car services, you have made the right decision in getting from a certain point A to another point B. As you rest peacefully and go for the ride, trust the chauffeur who can help deal with issues pertaining to traffic road construction and weather extremities. There is no need to even think of navigating to unfamiliar zones. This applies more for frequent travelers. The driver is specially trained to care about hassles of driving so you can sit back and get your corporate car service in the most effective way, regardless of you being a business delegate or a just a leisure traveler.

-Comfort and luxury: Though the latter is not a must-have but with effective town car services in sedans, luxury is but a related aspect. Most sedan services provide transportation in custom built vehicles that are designed for passenger comfort. The back seat has an extra 6 inches; there are oversize doors to facilitate easy entry and not to miss out the rear control panel for adjusting temperature and the radio. Surely, you do not need anything else. Whether you go across the town or the next sate or simply to attend a conference, these vehicles equipped with tinted glasses see that passengers can soak in their privacy simultaneously.

-Increased productivity: When seeking comfortable travel, Seattle town car airport services maintain that all facilities are provided to travelers. The basic fact is that you are not driving so you have ample time to devote to reviewing notes for your next meeting, checking the mails on your phone or simply taking some time off to relax. Now you can understand why sedan services are more than driving.

If you are still in two minds about availing airport town car Seattle, it’s time you make a decision. Medical pick-ups, drop-offs and several other amenities characterize it and serve the need for both corporate and personal customers alike.

Great Reasons to Go to Canada

There are many places on earth that deserve to be visited, as a consequence of such benefits as amazing nature or various places of interests. Canada is certainly among the countries, which attracts numerous tourists all year long. But besides its rich culture and wonderful nature it provides its visitors to enjoy the active holidays as well as extreme sports.

Due to the nature, landscape and varied climate, Canada is known as the right place for those, who feel like real adventure seekers. Namely here you’ll have a chance to try great diversity of outdoor activities.

There is absolutely no question that Canada in the winter months is particularly popular for its ski resorts, which enable a lot of tourists from all over the earth to enjoy the snowy peaks. Besides skiing many adventurers of our days choose also snowmobiling in Canada, that was initiated in this country for several decades ago. Nowadays snowmobiling is actually a effective activity that enables loads of travelers to ride through the panoramic snow-covered landscapes.

In addition, snowmobiling is regarded now as an exciting and interesting winter sport. The competitions on snowmobiling are held from 1998. This is a great sports event well-known as Snocross. It truly is remarkable as to participate as to observe the snow mobilers, who produce the several jumps on snowy tracks. A lot of people state that it is even more amazing than Motocross, as a result of remarkable curves created by snowmobiles.

Snowmobile Quebec seems to be just about the most attractive options to spend your holidays in Canada. Actually there is absolutely no possibility to avoid an adrenaline buzz! This is just what you will need escaping from the daily routine. For this reason we recommend you to utilize the different possibilities offered on http://www.enmotoneige.fr, where you can browse the pictures and videos relevant to your travel in Canada or even to obtain the information on your snowmobile tour Canada.

No doubt that winter is a beautiful season that gives us with the number of exclusive possibilities. That’s why if you are thinking of tips on how to spend your winter holidays it could be reasonable to go to the country, where the winter is especially vivid to experience the full spectrum of outdoor activities in addition to the amazing winter landscapes, snowy view and frosty air. Snowmobile raid in Canada is surely a perfect possibility to enjoy most of these delights of winter which will undoubtedly stick in your memory for ages.

Busch Gardens spring excitement with Falcon’s Fury and Kids Triathlon

On Feb 28, Busch Gardens announced on Twitter that their highly anticipated thrill ride, Falcon’s Fury will open on May 1st to eager adventure seekers. The Fury will be the first ride of its kind to have ride enthusiasts experience free falling from 335 feet to the ground, face first! You can learn more about the behind the scenes preparation as Busch Garden ride engineers show how they put this monstrous Fury together click here.

As visitors prepare for spring and summer vacations, there’s lots of new excitement for the entire family at Busch Gardens even if you’re not a thrill seeker. On March 1st they celebrate the birthday of three lion cubs. Kembe, Shaba and Shtuko turn a year old and close to 200 lbs. Busch Gardens is having a Lion Birthday Party in the Edge of Africa.

Also coming up on March 22 is the Tampa Bay Kids Triathlon. This is a great event for kids 6 to 14 years of age to experience a triathlon at Busch Gardens Adventure Island Water Park. There are two divisions for 6-10 and 11-14 age groups. Over 450 participants will participate before the park opens and why not stay at the parks to celebrate a great accomplishment after the race.

Explore The Beauty of Canada With Study Travel

For incredible inspiration and an injection of adventure in the subject you study, travel to Canada, one the most naturally diverse countries in the world. Famously clean-living, laid-back and very welcoming, the Canadians have a good standard of living and seem very content and positive about their beautiful country. Combining study, travel and a touch of adventure is the perfect way to enhance a student’s learning and encourage personal development.

Canada has much to satisfy the adventurous student. With a popular outdoor culture there is the opportunity to hike, climb, ski or kayak and explore some of the magnificent natural playground that makes up the majority of this vast country. You may be lucky enough to encounter a Grizzly Bear or even spot a Humpback Whale while on a boat trip off the west coast. Seeing one of these beauties gracefully break the surface of the ocean is an awesome experience.

Visit Niagara Falls, Canada’s Most Famed Attraction

Niagara Falls is one of the world’s most stunning [and certainly its most voluminous] waterfall in terms of water flow. The Niagara Falls waterfall is actually a group of three that is located right on the border between The United States and Canada. Just standing and taking in this amazing sight is breathtaking, but the more adventurous can get really close and take an exciting boat trip right under the fall of the water; it’s a lot of fun but be prepared to get very wet! The water racing over the precipice is deafening, the spray is spectacular and the feeling of human insignificance in the presence of such a sight is heightened. Visiting these falls is certainly a memorable and also somewhat humbling experience.

City Life

Vancouver is situated on the coast of Canada and is considered one of the best places in the world to live. A visit to Vancouver helps students identify the differences between this first world society and their own, as well as question the economic disparities and reasons for these. This city is home to a very diverse population and therefore many languages are spoken – in fact, English is the first language of only about half of the people that live here.

Another great city is the provincial, cultural and economic capital of Canada, Toronto. There are so many opportunities in the city to suit several different areas of study. Travel to Toronto to visit one of the many museums, explore Toronto Island, or climb the tallest free-standing tower in the western hemisphere, The CN Tower. The more daring among your students can even do an Edge Walk, an exhilarating no-hands walk right on the outside ledge of the tower. The views are second to none even if the experience makes it tough to keep your eyes open.

Montreal is another cultural gem. There is an eclectic art scene here and some wonderful museums housing them. If French is your field of study, travel to Quebec where students can immerse themselves in the bilingual culture. Canada has endless opportunities for exploration, study and adventure and a holiday here will certainly be one to remember.

Golfing the Mississippi "Sweet Tees" Route

BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI — When we told our Boston friends we were coming down here to play golf, they all said “Oh, you’re going to play that fabulous “Trail?”
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Yes, we answered, we are. But we were wrong, at least partly.

“The Trail” is in Alabama, not Mississippi — so were wrong about that. But we were right about Mississippi courses being fabulous.

Mississippi golf is among the best kept secret of the golfing world.

We played five beautiful courses, all different, all challenging, all superb in design. And there were 165 others we didn’t get to.

Too bad Mississippi doesn’t have its own catchy golf promotion. It might want to advertise “Mississippi Sweet Tees,” or something like that.

Our introduction to Mississippi golf came through the Society of American Travel Writers, which had its annual convention in Biloxi last fall. Whenever the land and the weather of the best convention site lends itself to an SATW golf tournament, the organization includes one within its meeting dates, and this year tournament players got a chance to play on the beautiful Fallen Oaks Golf Course, named for the thousand-year-old oak trees and the namesake live oak tree on its property. Only those who stay at the immense Beau Rivage Hotel in Biloxi may play the Tom Fazio designed course, which has challenging heart-stopping marsh hazards and plenty of other water surprises.

Driving three hours north of Biloxi, we stopped at the Peal River Resort in Choctaw, Mississippi, which boasts the only American Indian owned golf club in Mississippi. The Choctaw tribe owns the club, which has two courses, the Oaks and the Azaleas, both located on the Choctaw Indian Reservation and within a golf cart’s ride over to three enormous casinos, which they call “Vegas with sweet tea.” Among other things, it offers scholarships for Choctaw golfers. (Also on the reservation is a water theme park.)

Tom Fazio and Jerry Pate designed the two championship golf courses. The Oaks features a mix of Bermuda and Zoysia grass fairways nd Bermuda greens; the Azaleas offers bent grass greens and is called “The Augusta You Can Play” by Golf Magazine. If you play here in March, you’ll see the dazzling azalea bushes in bloom similar to those at Augusta. The Oaks is ranked Number 7 on Golf Magazine’s “Top 10 Underrated Courses in America” and features many elevation changes with greens that are large, undulating and fast. The fairways cut through a deep pine forest and several holes require players to carry over water.

The Dancing Rabbit Clubhouse looks like an old Southern mansion with one of those massive porches that wrap around the whole building, and there are eight suites on the second floor for overnight stays. Among the restaurants in the nearby casinos is Philip M’s, an elegant steakhouse with a beloved chowder.

“They tried to take it off the menu,” recalled Dancing Rabbit director of golf Mark Powell, “and it created a fight like the one at Little Big Horn, so they kept it on.” Saffron Chowder consists of cream infused with Spanish saffron, complimented with lobster, shrimp and jumbo lump crab reduced to a thick, rich, well-seasoned soup topped with light flaky puff pastry. Ordering it for lunch tends to make you late for your tee time.

We next headed to West Point, Mississippi, and the magnificent Old Waverly Golf Course, founded by George W. Bryan, senior vice president of Sara Lee Corporation’s meat division and a local boy who grew up in this area. The championship course was designed by Jerry Pate and Bob Cupp and takes excellent advantage of the landscape.

Champion Bermuda grass is used on the greens because it does not die out in the hot Southern summers. (The golf course is open all year). Old Waverly boasts an active junor golf program, starting young golfers learning the game at age four or five, as well as a junor golf foundation.

Two of the prettiest — and most challenging — holes are found on the front nine. The par-4 No. 6 demands a smart, strong tee shot to cross a deep chasm, with a precise swing following in order to stop your ball on a downhill approach near the pin. There is a sweet statue of a club member who died of breast cancer on the next hole, a lovely par 3 that requires an uphill shot over a little waterfall.

The winner of the US. Open in June, 1999, golfer Juli Inkster, was inducted into the LPGA Hall of Fame, and when she was working up to the contest, she played here at Waverly, setting a scoring record. She beat all previous records by beating by six strokes anyone’s previous best, finishing four rounds at 16 under par.

The clubhouse at old Waverly echoes the style of the ante-bellum home six miles away, the Waverly Mansion, which is open to the public for tours

There is a choice of dining options at Old Waverly, and we were treated to an excellent steak dinner cooked by Executive Chef Bubba gross, who devised his own personal Old Waverly steak rub with all the trimmings. We stayed in one of the four-bedroom cottages on Lake Waverly near the clubhouse and course.

Our big surprise was the last course, near Jackson in the town of Grenada in the Hills Region of Mississippi, located halfway between Memphis, Tennesse, and Jackson.

The Dogwoods Course lies in the midst of the deep woods of the Hugh Jackson State Park. A public 18-hole golf course costing all of $35 per round, it feels spacious and open despite the surrounding woods, with wide open fairways moving up and down the gentle hilly terrain. The greens are large as well. Several of the holes on the back nine have views of Granada Lake where fishermen have as good a time as the golfers, finding plenty of crappie, bass, bream and catfish in these waters. The Dogwoods is a nature lover’s course, and is the Number 8 course in Mississippi according to Golf Digest. Opened in 2006 and designed by Gary Roger Baird, it is a delight to play and a surprise as to how nicely groomed, given our previous days’ plays on perfectly manicured private courses.

While the humble Dogwoods clubhouse is nothing like the extravagant mansions, dining rooms and lounges of the private courses where we played, you can find good hearty sandwiches and drinks there, as well as a practice range, and on the course itself, as much challenge as the elite private places where we tried our hands (and balls).

One other advantage in Mississippi golf that you won’t find in Hilton Head, Kiawah, Arizona or anywhere else: the lovely sound of that sweet Mississippi honey-butter drawl on the local lips.

A Glimpse of Ancient Maldives – A Rich Cultural Heritage

Historical references show that the first settlers of Maldives were the Dravidian people from Kerala who. In the ancient times the main business activity of the locals were sale of cowry shells, dried tuna fish and coir ropes.


The Maldives is a nation consisting of twenty six atolls settling in the pristine blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Due to the climate and exotic surroundings of the country, the Maldives has become a much sort out venue for holiday makers and honeymooners.

The history of Maldives holds many secrets, treasured attributes and many untold stories quite unlike any other. But what can be gathered from historical references is that the first settlers of Maldives were the Dravidian people from Kerala who probably would have been fishermen from the south of the Indian subcontinent and western shores of Sri Lanka. However, according to the references from the Mahavansa, Maldives is marked by the arrival of Sinhalese people who were descendants from King Vijaya.

At the time of King Ashoka’s expansion in the region, Buddhism was introduced to the country and a great number of marvellous writings, architecture, sculptures and artistic achievements are from this era. At the end of 12th century AD Islam was introduced to the country and to this day the main religion of the country continues to be Islam. In the ancient times the main business activity of the locals were sale of cowry shells, dried tuna fish and coir ropes. With time and changing economic policies, the country opened doors for foreign investments out of which most are directed towards promoting the tourism industry.

With the increase in foreign investments a lot of world renowned hotel brands have invested in building chains of Maldives luxury resorts and hotels. This gives visitors and locals the opportunity to choose from a wide range of hotels to suite their budgets. The competition is so high in the tourism industry that one hotel tries to be more creative and amazing than another that it is impossible to name one as the best resort in Maldives. Many hotels feature special honeymoon packages, spas, desert island picnics, sunset cruises, a spread of mouth-watering cuisines and comfortable and relaxing lodging. Baros Maldives is a property complete with scenic beauty, warm and friendly hospitality, intimate settings, water sport activities, fine dining experience and elegant infrastructure, providing a truly memorable stay full of fun in the sun, sand and surf.

Paddle boat the Tidal Basin in Washington DC

The Tidal Basin is a small body of water near the National Mall along Independence Avenue. Here you can walk the famous 2.1 mile walk around the Tidal Basin, offering unparalleled views of Washington’s springtime cherry blossoms. I’s also home to the Jefferson Memorial, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial.

Take the Metro to the Smithsonian Station, where you will have an easy jaunt of about .40 to the Tidal Basin. Or, you can park free at East Potomac Park, where the Tidal Basin is only a short walk from the parking lot. Either way, consider renting a paddle boat near the Jefferson Memorial for an idyllic afternoon in the Nation’s Capitol.