My Husband Drilled Through the Fridge Wiring

I never had the need for an emergency electrician before. I didn’t even consider needing one because what kind of emergency could we have that would require an electrician? Well, leave it to us to find out! My husband was drilling a hole through the wall. He thought that he was in a spot where there was no wiring, but he was wrong. He drilled right through where the wiring is for our refrigerator. Of all the wires he could have drilled into, this was the absolute worst because it meant that we could lose all of our food if we did not get it fixed quickly.

He knew that this was out of his league, so he went online and did a search for an emergency electrician. I was actually very worried that we would end up spending a small fortune on one, and I was willing to lose the food if it meant saving a lot of money by having an electrician come out during regular business hours. We knew that it was worth looking though to see if it would benefit us to pay for an electrician to come out after hours.

Thankfully, we were able to find a great company that has qualified electricians. When we found out the price, we asked for someone to come out quickly. The cost was extremely reasonable, and I knew that we wouldn’t lose even a slice of cheese because it would be fixed before the food was in any danger of being lost. The electrician was there very fast, and it did not take him long to patch the hole in the wiring. When I opened the fridge door after, it was all still cold in there! My husband is a lot more careful now, and we feel reassured knowing we can call on this company again if we have another electrical emergency.