Map Posters and Interior Decoration from Mapiful

Map Posters and Interior Decoration from Mapiful

August 16, 2021 0 By Emmy D. Frank

Maps are geographical tools primarily created to record locations of different places. They are a chief instrument of documentation and communication and their use dates as far back as hundreds of centuries. Maps do not only have geographical importance, but they also are of great design and artistic value.

The development of maps has been greatly enhanced over the centuries by art. Mapping goes hand in hand with art and the relationship between them can be described as linear and proportional. So, as one is growing, the other is also improving.
The great relationship between art and mapping has made it easy for modern artists to incorporate maps into contemporary art. They have found in mapping, a whole new field of art to explore.

Interior Decorations Using Map Posters

Maps are interesting pieces of art. They serve educational, communication, and memorial purposes. Beyond all these is the decorative value that they hold. Interiors can be decorated with artistic map designs for aesthetic purposes and to preserve fun memories. They are also for adventure, communication, and history.

Map designs can be incorporated into home interiors in many creative ways. They could be placed on the walls, furniture, blinds, gallery, or even ceilings to create an aesthetical effect.

Interior Decoration Using Personalized Mapiful Designs

Creating map designs has been simplified by platforms like Mapiful. You do not need an artist to get the decorations you want. All that is needed to create designs of interest is an internet connection.

Mapiful lets you create designs under five categories; Street Art Mapiful for mapping different locations, Star Mapiful for night sky design, Line Art Mapiful for vector designs, Zodiac Mapiful for astrological designs, and Text Art Mapiful for combining text and photos into beautiful wall designs.

Street Art Mapiful can let you design frames and posters that will fit perfectly on your walls and in your gallery. Star map designs can give your ceiling a simulation of the sky at night. It is perfect for lovers of astronomy. Line and Text art designs will make beautiful wallpapers. Zodiac Mapiful designs can fit in almost everywhere including on your window blinds, on the floor, on the walls, on the ceiling. They also have rich spiritual and artistic significance.

How to Create Personalized Mapiful Map Designs

    • Log in to Mapiful ;
    • Click on the options button at the top left-hand corner ;
    • Click on the first option on the drop-down menu. This option lets you pick a payment currency and delivery location ;
    • On the home page, click the “design your own” button. A dialogue box where you can pick a design category will appear ;
  • Click “design your own” under any category of your choice ;
  • A design area will pop up where you can make your design according to your specifications ;
  • Click on the payment button showing the price to finalize your design. Don’t worry, it’s just a token.

Mapiful will bring the world to your home interiors in the most customized way possible. You’re just a few clicks away from this beautiful experience. Discover our city maps today.