Get Ready To Live With Coronavirus

Get Ready To Live With Coronavirus

August 25, 2020 0 By Emmy D. Frank

WHO and other health-related organizations are of the view, Corona will get back again. We might have to face this for at least the next 3, 4. And there are other experts who are of the opinion that it won’t go back now. Just like influenza, cough, or other such diseases, we will have to add this to our medical listings.

Not sure, what are the exact facts and what’s will be the future of coronavirus. But one thing is for sure, we have to get ready to live with coronavirus. It’s no more an alien on our earth. And it’s not going back. We have to learn how to live with it. We have seen, lockdown is not the solution, it has actually made other things worst for the people. Unemployment, business closures, unwanted fear, and so many other issues are the result we have to face for many years to come.

So what should we do now? First of all, don’t put it on your nerves. Yes, we have to stay safe, we have to leave some habits we had been following for years. But we can adopt a routine that won’t put us in any danger of catching this disease and we can keep on enjoying our routine life following SOPs in our own style.

I have seen people creating some lovely styles of saying hi from the distance. I have also seen people keeping small pocket size hand sanitizers with them. And the most attractive thing I have seen is the colorful and stylish facemasks. There used to be green or white masks that were used for medical staff only. But now as people all around the world are using masks, the variety is eye-catching. Out of curiosity, I have asked a facemask supplier about these printed and colorful facemasks, I was told, mask machines are easily available now. Even people having small budgets are buying and setting up these machines to manufacture masks. The Chinese suppliers for face mask machines have made it possible, as they are the major suppliers of such devices.

So whatever the reason is, these manufactures have brought colors to this pandemic hit world. And what I am trying to say, put colors in your dull life, Treat corona like other diseases, learn to live with it.