Get In Shape For Holiday Dining

How do you plan to enjoy the coming holiday season while keeping your scale under control?  Or do you plan to give that scale a short vacation while you indulge yourself at all the upcoming dinners, parties, and events with their tasteful and superfluous calories?  That is the policy many people take, even many in the medical profession, who will speak of “taking a break” from the diet to enjoy holiday season meals and snacks that are verboten when you are dieting at other times.

Of course, there is another strategy that can be tried. Instead of “taking a break” from your diet, you might consider increasing the activity that consumes the additional calories.  Or to put it another way, increase your daily amount of regular exercise to burn up those added calories you consume during the holiday period.  So if you customarily work out 20-30 minutes each day you might start working out 40 to 60 minutes.  Or if you are a calorie counter you try doubling the calories you burn in your workouts.   Try walking 2 miles uphill on your Bowflex treadmill each day, or jog 5 miles instead of your usual 3.  Another tactic could be simply to do two workouts per day or – try adding an additional 15 minutes to the usual afternoon workout.  Or add a different type of workout – rowing in the afternoon to jogging in the morning.  Take advantage of your Groupon promo code to enhance your regular workout by obtaining a new Bowflex you can use to increase your stamina and burn through those extra calories from the extra helpings you ate.

Now the benefits of the latter strategy are quickly evident; instead of allowing yourself to get lazy – and flabby – you manage to increase your conditioning and muscle tone.  And you simultaneously reduce the tendency towards pre-diabetes, a condition which threatens a large percentage of our population. But just as desirable is that consuming those calories can give you some freedom to enjoy the meals and treats that accompany the events that take place during this season.  No time need be spent worrying whether you will have to diet after the season, nor need you worry about changes in clothing size.  Your Bowflex gym and Groupon coupons can enable you to enjoy the great meals, events and activities that make up a great holiday season.