Five Tips on How Your Business Can Use Instagram for Marketing

Five Tips on How Your Business Can Use Instagram for Marketing

December 11, 2019 0 By Emmy D. Frank

What is Instagram and how can it help your business with marketing?

Using Instagram as a marketing channel is a relatively new phenomenon according to Nicole Small who writes an article about this on Each month, Instagram has 600 million active users and shows 40 million new photos per day. In other words, it’s no wonder companies started using Instagram for marketing purposes.

It is also written that Instagram is more suitable for certain industries; this is because they sell products that are visually appealing. Some examples of these industries are:

  • Food and drinks
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Design

Instagram is a site for pictures and videos, you can post your company’s services or products there and through filters create lots of different effects. It is important to make sure that the images and videos say something, a good thing is to not only post product images but also mix it with a little more “what happens here” variants so that it will not be too boring. Here are five tips on how you should use Instagram for marketing purposes.

Use Hashtags #

It’s very much about posting relevant hashtags if you want your images and videos to be visible to more people than just the ones who follow you. When you post one, it also becomes searchable, making your images visible to lots of others using the same hashtag. It is also a good tool to get someone to understand what you want to get with the image or the video.

Follow others on Instagram

When you do, hopefully, these people will follow you, which will make your account stronger and reach a larger audience. It is advisable to choose people or companies that are part of your target audience.

Like and comment on photos from your followers

This means that those you follow will probably do the same thing back and it provides an important interaction. Also, be sure to answer any questions posed under your pictures. More interaction means more likes and popularity. However, remember you can also get likes. There are specialized services such as Buzzvoice that allow this. Read more on this page.

Integrate Instagram with other social media

Like Facebook, for example, you can get the same pictures directly on Facebook which, of course, creates even more marketing without extra work.

Profile your company

With Instagram, you can show how your company is in a playful and simple way and this can attract both new customers and employees.

Instagram may not be the most important place you as a local business owner should be, but it is a perfect complement to other media. Some industries may be better suited for this type of marketing than others. We mainly think of for example hairdressers, bakeries, clothing stores, etc. Everything where physical products should reach as many people as possible, Instagram is excellent. However, you also need to understand that sustained activity is required to build up your account with followers and also time. You will not get lots of followers in a week but think long term.