Edmonton Travel Agents Offer Discount Vacations

You’ve been working hard all year for your two weeks of vacation. In Europe, they often say, “You North Americans live to work, whereas we work to live!” We can get so embroiled in our work, we lose sight of what really matters in life. Sometimes we feel guilty organizing vacations, knowing that our coworkers will be slaving away without our guidance. However, we need to take care of our minds and bodies by removing ourselves from the workplace from time to time, allowing nature and new experiences to refresh our minds and recharge out batteries. We should never lose sight that what really matters is: health, happiness, precious moments spent with family or friends, and helping our fellow man.

World Resort Vacation Edmonton travel agency feels that you should set time aside for yourself every year. To ensure that you do this, you can join a vacation club to take all the stress from planning. By going through Edmonton travel agents, you will have access to the lowest airfare, hotel, rental car and tour package prices. (Imagine flying your family of three to Cairo for just $5,812!) At World Resort Vacation, you will be able to choose from over 20,000 itineraries for all-inclusive cruises and travel packages or you can just get the bare bones flight/hotel deal.

Your Edmonton travel agents are like a friend who has all the connections and knows all the best tried-and-true deals. Your annual membership fee allows you $99/week five-star hotel deals almost anywhere in the world (any time of year)! Unlike a timeshare style vacation club, the World Resort Vacation Edmonton travel agency allows you the freedom to travel whenever you want, wherever you want. You don’t have to worry about exchanging anything or limiting your travel to non-peak times. Essentially, you just tell your dreams to one of the Edmonton travel agents and they make it happen – whether it’s $99/week five-star accommodations around the world, cruise deals, discount airfare, hassle-free rental car reservations, reduced price tour packages or an all-inclusive!

Additionally, your Edmonton travel agency offers many members-only ways to earn free or reduced-price vacations as well. You can refer a friend for $500 cash, or you can become a “travel ambassador” and rate your stay to get free lodging. Stop putting off your vacation and contact the World Resort Vacation Edmonton travel agents this month to save money and attain peace of mind!