Spring break 2014: AAA poll shows Las Vegas as top travel location

If you live every day in a veritable paradise of sunshine, blue skies, and miles of warm beaches, where do you go from there for a vacation?

According to a March 12, report in Pacific Business News, a poll conducted by AAA-Hawaii, placed Las Vegas as the top travel location, for college spring break travel.

Reportedly, the poll found that 21 percent of spring break travelers are heading for the gambling capital of the United States, which is affectionately referred to as Hawaii’s ninth island.

Overall poll results:

Las Vegas, 21 percent
Big Island, 18 percent
Los Angeles, 17 percent
San Francisco, 16 percent
Oahu, 14 percent (outer-island travel)

The 2014 poll also shows a 19 percent increase over the 2013 poll, in the overall number of residents planning to travel during the next three-months.

According to AAA-Hawaii, “Overall, 54 percent of the people polled said that they are going to take at least one fun trip, a 19 percent increase over last year. Forty percent said they plan to take two trips.”

Tips to Get a Cheap Ticket for a Flight

One of the most expensive parts of journeying or traveling is buying the ticket to travel to the location that you want to reach. And if you buy a flight ticket to your vacation destination then you will have a very hard time coping with a huge spending of money. A lot of vacation destinations are far away with respect to people’s home. This is why they have no choice but to go on a flight to the vacation destination. This can prove to be quite expensive. So how do you buy yourself cheap flight tickets?

Well that is quite easy; there are a few ways in which you can get hold of these tickets. One of them is that you buy a return ticket. A return ticket is actually quite cheap as compared to buying a ticket to the destination and back from the destination separately. A return ticket is cheaper because many people never really know when they have to return. International flights are actually quite hard to follow and there is a huge probability that you could miss the flights. In this case when they let you buy a ticket, they are actually bargaining on whether or not you will make it to the flight back to your destination or not. If you plan to travel on weekdays rather than on weekends, then you will end up realizing that the flight tickets will actually be cheaper on weekdays than they will be on weekends. That is obvious. There is a little possibility that people will fly on weekdays until and unless it is absolutely necessary.

Similar to this when you buy a ticket during the time when there are no holidays, you will realize that the flight tickets will actually cost quite cheaply and it would be very easy for you to book a ticket too. During the holiday season, the ticket sales are on fire. There is little or no chance that you will get a ticket if you reach the airport without prior booking. During the holiday season because of the immense number of people moving to and fro between different holiday destinations, the prices of the tickets are kept up so that the air flight company could get huge amounts of profits.

There are lots of websites that help tourists find cheap flight tickets all year round. These websites are updated regularly. Whenever there is an availability of tickets, these websites are told about it and the information is displayed on the website. These websites are also the best way to get to know about those tickets that are available at very low prices. Such tickets are made available when the flight has seats that are not taken or booked. The tickets are also made available when the flight companies put up promotional offers for buying tickets in advance. Tickets that are made available at the very last moments are the ones that cost very cheaply.

Tour Packages for Hill Station Lovers in Bhopal

Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh, one of the largest cities in India. The city is a combination of modern and historic culture and this can be seen in its architecture. It is a beautiful city and resides in the heart of India. Bhopal was originally called Bhojpal but was renamed later to Bhopal. Bhopal has a good transportation system and tourists from various parts of the world feel free to roam around the city using various modes like three wheeled autos, mini buses and tempos. The green city is situated on the banks of two beautiful lakes and is equipped with so many mosques, art galleries and a number of monuments.
Bhopal is one of the favorite tourist destinations in India because of its culture, heritage, and many tourist places. Hill stations have always been so popular among tourists when they think about going somewhere for holidays. The reason can be due to the pleasant weather or the relaxing atmosphere you will get there. And again Bhopal is the one place you can think of spending your holidays in.
Panchmarhi is one of the famous and most visited hill stations located in Madhya Pradesh. It is situated on a large plateau surrounded by hills on the Satpura ranges. The hill station is at a height of 3550 ft., and is located in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh. This place is surrounded by beautiful forests and various waterfalls that make it an amazing place. There are many hill station tour packages Bhopal available nowadays and one can choose any of them according to their choice. And Panchmarhi is one of the popular destinations when looking at different tour packages.
There are many places included in the package that you will see in Panchmarhi. Some of the main attractions are Bee Falls, a fall providing water to whole Panchmarhi. Another famous spot to visit is Chauragarh Dhupgarh. These are two hills placed separately from where you can watch the sunrise as well as sunset and it makes an amazing view for the tourists. Jatashankar is one of the other sacred caves in Panchmarhi where Lord Shiva is said to have hidden from king Bhasmasur. All these places are included in the packages available, so you can enjoy them all. Another tourist spot in Panchmarhi is the Pandav caves. It is believed that the Pandav spent a little time in these caves during their exile period.
The hill station tour packages Bhopal includes staying in hotels that are available ranging from 5-star luxury hotels to medium budget to lower level hotels. So you can choose any of them according to the budget available to you. April to July is the best time to visit Panchmarhi due to the pleasant weather during this time. The tour packages include all the things you will need to visit Panchmarhi, right from the depart from your home till checking in at the hotel in Panchmarhi. You can enjoy the time here with your friends as well as family.

Hawaii Happenings: Much to celebrate on Oahu and Maui this Spring season.

Art and culture take center stage this Spring with a Bob Dylan concert, a major photographic exhibit and a nightly cliff dive ceremony. Here are some of the highlights:

“An Evening with Bob Dylan:” Rock and Roll icon to perform two concerts in Hawaii. After taking a 16-year hiatus from the Aloha state, Bob Dylan will be strutting his stuff in April on two Hawaiian Islands. The legendary troubadour will perform at the Maui Arts and Culture Center on April 26 and is also booked for an April 29th concert at Honolulu’s Blaisdell Arena.

If a visit to Hawaii is on your calendar, or if you live in Hawaii, this is a rare opportunity to experience one of the most influential figures of the 20th century, musically and culturally, the man described by Time Magazine as a “master poet, caustic social critic and intrepid, guiding spirit of the counterculture generation.” See ticket details below.

More art and culture: In Honolulu, round out your beachcombing expeditions with a visit to the Honolulu Museum of Art where a photographic exhibit titled “Decisive Moments” is on display through June 8. The exhibit’s title, “Decisive Moments” honors the phrase coined by French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, when he described the singular convergence of simultaneous form and motion recognized by the photographer when he/she captures an enduring image. On display are more than 70 works by giants of the genre, Diane Arbus, Irving Penn, Lisette Model, Robert Mapplethorpe, William Eggleston and more. Sign up for one of the museum’s scheduled tours and follow the tour with an art discussion over iced tea in the Museum’s Café.

Make it a musical immersion on Maui: On the last Thursday of each month, in a free outdoor concert, Hawaiian musicians perform in the kanikapila style on the lawn of Baldwin House Museum. In a tranquil setting, the audience gathers on the lawn while Hawaiian artists share their music, vocal talent and love for Hawaii. Bring a blanket and beach chair. April’s concert is on the 24th, just two days before the evening Dylan event.

Where to Stay: Honolulu. On my last stay in Honolulu, I very much enjoyed a stay at the Shoreline Waikiki. My island-themed room with a city view was infused with urban chic yet just two blocks from famed Waikiki Beach. Out the door, a vast choice of multi-ethnic restaurants and world class shopping venues beckoned, from the budget friendly Forever 21 to the upscale Chanel and Gucci boutiques. The Waikiki Shoreline’s staff recommended several restaurants during our stay, even graciously calling ahead for reservations. After a day out exploring the island, we returned for a soak in the rooftop pool to watch the sunset light up the skies over the island’s majestic mountains. Because we only needed a car for excursions, the hotel’s private parking on the entry level was super convenient. Too, the hotel’s intimate size lends itself to a romantic stay. There’s a definite feeling of “coming home” when you walk in to the lobby with its welcoming staff, light-filled lounge area and refreshing drink station. Visit http://www.jdvhotels.com/hotels/hawaii/shoreline-hotel-waikiki.

Where to Stay Maui: Another taste of Hawaiian culture awaits those who stay at the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa. As day transitions to twilight, the resort’s nightly Cliff Dive Ceremony recreates the legend of an 18th century leader, “King of the Spirit Leap,” Chief Kahekili, who inspired his people with this very same feat. Each evening just before sunset, a young warrior sets torches aflame, shedding light along the path as he travels to the summit of Pu‘u Keka‘a, known as Black Rock. With a blessing to his ancestors, he then offers his torch and lei to the waters below before making the courageous traditional dive into the Pacific.
Nestled amongst 23 acres of tropical landscaping, all guest rooms at Sheraton Maui Resort &Spa offer breathtaking views of the Pacific. Pure paradise. Visit www.sheraton-maui.com

“An Evening with Bob Dylan” tickets: Honolulu’s Blaisdell Arena: Ticketmaster Phone Sales/Information line: 1-800-745-3000 or 866-448-7849. . Tickets: $59, $69, $89, limited number of premium $125 seats. www.ticketmaster.com
Maui Arts & Cultural Center, 1-808-242-7469. Visit: http://mauiarts.org/tickets

Honolulu Museum of Art: 900 S Beretania St, Honolulu. (808) 532-8700 www.honolulumuseum.org.

Baldwin House Museum concerts: Lahaina Restoration Foundation, 120 Dickenson Street, Lahaina, Hawaii www.lahainarestoration.org 808-661-3262. theo@lahainarestoration.org

For information and a calendar of events for all of the Hawaiian Islands, visit www.gohawaii.com

Hawaiian Airlines offers non-stop service to Oahu and Maui from major US cities with the option to add inter-island flights to your ticketing. Visit hawaiianairlines.com

Save Money Without Compromising Your Ski Vacation

Most people are looking for the cheapest ski vacation package deals in order to save more money from their vacation expenses. Even travel experts would encourage their clients to plan their vacation ahead of time to save money. In order to do this, you will have to make a reservation from your chosen ski vacation destination. Choosing the best vacation destination for your needs will take some time since you have to research first to determine the best deals available in the market. After getting all the information you need, you can start comparing rates as well as the offered services of your top choices. You can also check out referrals from your trusted friends to save more time.

Ski resorts offer family vacation packages where best relaxation services and entertainments are served particularly for parents, grandparents and their children as well. Also, some ski and snowboard vacations resorts accept holding special occasions where their services and expertise are needed. These occasions include weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, honeymoons, graduations and reunions. Special occasions deserved to get the best services and since there are people who can’t afford them, several ski resorts offer special ski vacation packages and discounts for their valued customers.

There are many vacation destinations all around the world, people can go to beaches, golf resorts and even ski resorts depending on their preferences. Most of the time, people would prefer getting a ski or snowboard vacation just to get a different vacation experience from what they usually have during their long break. Skiing is one of the popular winter sports that most people are fond of playing when they visit a ski resort. Some visitors are sports enthusiasts since skiing involves a lot of muscle work which makes it a good workout. Other winter sport activities need muscle involvement too, wherein players are allowed to move around. Taking advantage of the fact that winter sports activities are good physical exercises, more people have suddenly became interested to experience them. Because of this, ski vacation resorts have gained a lot of customers – a good news especially for business owners. As a result, more ski resorts are now offering new vacation packages to help out people with a tight budget.

Vacation is all about getting the time to rest, relax and have fun. Few are only given this opportunity because most people can’t afford it or simply just too busy to have some time for it. You can consult to a ski vacation expert if you are planning to have a budget-friendly ski vacation soon. With the help of an expert, you can get advice and suggestion on what are the best ski vacation package and where is the popular ski vacation destination today.

4 Secrets to Successful Last-Minute Travel in Makati, Manila, Philippines

You need to go to Makati, Manila, Philippines at the shortest notice? You’re now probably lost in a mad dash, searching for Makati apartments, traveling options, and other essentials. To pull this off nicely, you must make sense of the chaos. Start getting organized by following these tips:

1. Think serendipity.

It is crunch time. The first rule is to accept that you are out of time, which means you have to make peace with whatever it is that you end up getting. Insisting on a particular Makati accommodation or apartment, for instance, will only bring you stress. Say you always stay at Hotel A and have taken fancy on its Deluxe Room at the highest floor with windows that open to spectacular city views. Be absolutely ready to downgrade, considering you’re making a last-minute booking. No guarantees await you, especially during peak seasons. The best thing to do is to not force it and be flexible.

2. If a crucial trip is up ahead, do prepare now.
Making a crucial trip a last-minute affair is probably one of the worst things you can ever do. No. No. No. If you need to be at a specific destination for an important purpose, do yourself some kindness and schedule the trip, way ahead of time. In addition, booking early has its perks, with some hotels in Makati offering cheap rates as a reward. Make your life easy and only leave the spur-of-the-moment travels for fun and quick getaways.

3. Look for flash hotel deals.

These take timing but every once in a while, the stars align and you hit the big thing. Basically, this is about last-minute promos and deals offered by hotels, such as 24h Apartment Hotel in Makati. Currently, it runs the Last-Minute Crazy Sale, 55% OFF Promo. This flash deal is only valid until March 31, 2014. Room rates start at PHP983.61. It applies to the Sulit Studio and 1 Bedroom Apartment. Other promo inclusions are breakfast, Wi-Fi access, and complimentary use of recreational facilities. The treat is available exclusively at the website of 24h Apartment Hotel.

4. Travel on weekdays.

Midweek travel saves you money regardless of how early or late you book. Weekend departures are always more expensive and more hectic. Do away with a lot of the hassle by picking weekdays for last-minute endeavors. Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday are your best bets.

Let these 4 tips be your guide as you weave through the process of organizing last-minute travels. If you are clever enough, despite the short notice, you can still end up with the most pleasurable stuff, from Makati apartments to every other travel essential.

Fun and Interesting things to do in Boston

Boston is New England’s largest city as well as the capital of the state of Massachusetts. In addition, it is one of the most influential, wealthy and colorful cities in America. With its vast array of historical sights, museums and outstanding live performances it is easy to see why the city draws over 16 million visitors each year, making it one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States. Those looking for things to do in Boston may wish to consider the following attractions:

Freedom Trail

For a unique vacation experience and to learn more about the city’s rich and colorful background, visitors should consider spending time exploring Freedom Trail, one of Boston’s most engaging attractions. The 2.5-mile red brick trail running through the city covers 16 Revolutionary War points of interest and is an activity that is both educational and enjoyable.

Boston Public Garden

The Boston Public Garden, located in the heart of the city is an ideal way for vacationers to relax and unwind while enjoying the natural beauty of New England. Created in 1837, the garden is actually a spacious recreational area and park featuring a large pond adjacent to the Boston Common. Guests can take a ride on one of Boston’s famous peddle-powered swan boats or simply relax and de-stress in the beautiful surroundings of the park.

New England Aquarium

Popular with residents and vacationers alike, the New England Aquarium boasts a plethora of marine life, including sharks, penguins and a huge variety of fish. An impressively large four-story ocean tank is used to showcase the most interesting and unusual fish that live in the aquarium. After viewing the displays, tourists can enjoy a 3D movie at the IMAX Theater which is located adjacent to the aquarium.

Shopping In Boston

A trip to Boston is not complete without dedicating at least one day to shopping. Located in the historic Back Bay District, Newbury Street is a favorite Boston shopping area that boasts plenty of upscale stores, boutiques, spas, beauty salons and fine dining establishments. Chinatown is another shopper’s paradise which consists of open air markets and a wide variety of authentic Asian restaurants. Visitors can indulge in a steaming hot cup of genuine Asian green tea or enjoy a tasty meal of fresh seafood, dumplings or delicious Boston red bean cakes. With so many things to do in Boston, a trip to this enchanting city offers something for everyone.

California's Great America Is All Packaged Up…

Hyatt Regency Santa Clara has just introduced the new Great America amusement park package so that adventure seekers can get their thrills on.

Designed for those who want the ultimate in convenience to one of California’s most celebrated amusement parks, the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara’s Great America package features a guest room for up to four people; two general admission tickets to Great America*; one kid’s welcome pack upon check in; complimentary guest parking; and late 2:00 p.m. check out. The special rates start at only $159. *Additional general admission tickets are available for $40 at the hotel’s front desk.

For those that want to make their getaway a fulfilling getaway, suggestions for other nearby attractions are below.

Additionally, as an added attraction, Hyatt Regency Santa Clara is currently the temporary home of the “Alcatraz: Life on the Rock” and “Alcatraz: The Last Day” exhibits. Free and open to the public (24 hours/day, seven days/week), this comprehensive exhibit is an ideal way for families, students and visitors alike to get a real feel for the history of and the fascination with Alcatraz without making the trek to “The Rock.”

Reservations and Information
The Great America package is available from March 28 to November 2, 2014 and is based on availability. Reservations must be made in advance. Rates will vary according to dates of travel and certain restrictions apply. For reservations and additional information, visit santaclara.hyatt.com or call (408) 200-1234 or toll free (800) 233-1234 and click on or ask for the “Special Offers.”

Boar's Head Inn, Charlottesville, Va.

Located in Charlottesville, Va., the Boar’s Head Inn is the official hotel of the University of Virginia. What this means to you as a traveler is that you should plan ahead and book early so that you won’t be disappointed. If you aren’t able to get a room here, you will be disappointed. Staying at the Boar’s Head Inn is an experience that you will not only enjoy; you will remember it for years to come.

You can feel the history and the ambiance from the moment that the door is opened for you as you walk up. Even if you are not staying in the most expensive suite, you will be treated as if you are. The staff is exceptionally friendly and your welcome will be immediate and warm.

The Rooms

A variety of different rooms are available at the Boar’s Head and they are located in different buildings. You can have a suite, a room with a balcony or a patio or a historic room in the original mill building. We were in the original mill building and loved it. Because it is a historic building not all rooms will be identical and you may find original beams at totally different locations than where ours were.

Our room

While the building and room is historic it has all the modern amenities including a work desk with a desk lamp and a comfortable chair. Two wall plugs guarantee that charging your phone, tablet or laptop won’t be an issue. A club chair with ottoman, pole lamp and side table are located adjacent to the desk. The dresser houses the coffee pot and mini fridge, the TV is on top and there is a blanket and an extra pillow in the drawers. There is an overhead light in the middle of the room and two bedside lamps so the lighting is good.

There are two recessed windows in alcoves. In our room we overlooked the lake. Our friend’s room across the hall overlooked the front entrance. The bedding is done in white and the walls are also white. The coordinating colors are a soft green with light green carpeting. It is all very peaceful and low key.

The Bed

The king size bed in the mill building is to die for. I sleep in a lot of beds; it is part of my job as a travel writer. This bed is one of the most luxurious I have ever slept in. It has a magnificent pillow top, so cushy that when I climb into bed it didn’t hurt my knee. I have no cartilage in my knee so putting my knee onto a mattress to climb in hurts. It didn’t hurt here. I was stunned. Even with that much softness, there was an underlying firmness that makes for a great sleeping bed. The sheets are so soft too, just lovely. I don’t impress easily and I was impressed.

Another thing I really liked is the original beams that frame the bed, great touch. Another original beam comes up through the floor in the bathroom.

The Bathroom

I loved the sliding door entrance to the bathroom and the original beam going from ceiling to floor. The bathroom was spacious and immaculately clean. The grout in the tiles on the floor was noticeably pristine. The amenities are from Gilchrist and Soames and are generous in size. Not only do you get the usual shampoo, conditioner and body lotion, they include shower gel. For bathing there is a tub and shower combo. The shower had great pressure and plenty of hot water. The towels are more like bath sheets, no skimping on the towels here.

The closet

A large closet is located right inside the door and holds the iron and ironing board, the luggage rack and two plush robes. A safe is also located on the shelf in the closet.


There are several dining options at the Boar Head Inn. The Mill Room is an outstanding restaurant and the Bistro 1834 Grill is a lounge with top notch food. We dined there only because it is a little more casual and also they serve the Peanut Soup at dinner and I wanted the peanut soup. You can always order in room dining as well if you prefer to eat in your room.

The resort

There is more to the Boar’s head Inn than just a comfortable bed, there is golf, a spa a world class health facility and magnificent grounds. In January the grounds were not the big attraction but on a previous visit in early November the color was stunning.

Loads of activities are going on in the area and also at the resort. While we were there the Special Olympics were taking place. Dining week in Charlottesville was coming up late in January and the Boar’s Head participates. Be sure to check their website to see what will be happening during your visit.

Discover Memorable Family Trip With Luxury and Comfortable Crete Resorts

Are you searching for the most beautiful tourist destination that replete with exotic climate, Island, mountains, natural monuments among others? If so, Crete is an ultimate destination for individuals, couples, family or corporate trip. The place is considered as a land of Heroes or Saint. It has a spiritual tradition such as mountains, historic monuments, monasteries, churches and other place of natural beauty. Here you will experience Island’s history, nature, mouthwatering cuisines, enjoys, enjoyment, Agro tourism, religious tourism among others.

You can also experience luxurious, sophisticated and comfortable accommodation services. You can rent hotels, villas, cottages, room for rents among others. If you have decided to visit Crete, then you can contact a reliable source to make your travel cheaper and memorable by getting great deals. Presently, few agencies are helping people in making their trip hassle-free and unforgettable by booking reliable accommodation, airline reservation, transportation and others. Their service allows you to enjoy at every moment with your loved ones.

Finding the best agency can be the difficult, if you don’t opt for a reliable source. You can take the help of the internet. Moreover, there is one of the leading and trustworthy service providers, who specialize in offering comfortable and reliable family hotels Greece that designed with modern amenities and comfort that allow you to explore your fun, enjoy and relax. They have been in the business for many years and have catered the specific need of the customers by offering an appropriate accommodation service.

The company offers the best value rates of Resorts Elounda, Early booking rate, best available rate, summer promotion rate, promotion, wedding packages, promotion conference packages, Spa programmers among others. So, enjoy their the Best Value Rate Program from an exclusive discount by confirming your booking by April 30th, 2014. Along with luxury accommodation, they offer exclusive club, sports & leisure, dinning facilities and guest service.

You will be provided with smart club, Crete resorts, prestige club, elite club, sliver club, exclusive club among others. They also provide you Spa service, which include:- general information, gift certificate purchasing, dietetic biotechnology dept, hydro-biontology dept, aesthetic Biontology dept, dominiqe chenot beauty dept, traditional beauty treatment, summer of beauty treatment, Spa programmers among others. All the programs are available at cost-effective prices. Whether you visit the place with family or your loved ones, you can have the advantages of Beach hotel Crete at the best rates. In order to know more information about the company, feel free to visit at their website.