First Communion

3 tips to finding divine designer first communion dresses

If your daughter is making her first communion in the spring, you’re might be looking for designer first communion dresses and perhaps some accessories. Are you planning on visiting a boutique with your daughter and walking out an hour later with a divine designer communion dress?  Maybe online is the way to go?  Both of […]

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How much is too much?

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They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder so it’s not any surprise that two people can completely disagree on the visual merits of something. I’ve discovered that money also falls into this subjective arena.  What one person considers outrageously expensive may be pocket change for another.  Why bring this up?  Because […]

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Tips for First Communion or other Children’s Special Occasions

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Getting ready for a special occasion can be nerve-wracking.  Add in a little person and the stress barometer starts to climb.  If you have a first communion, a wedding or some other special occasion coming up, you’ll want to watch the video and hear about one of my first communion tips on getting ready.  Even […]

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The scoop on first communion gifts

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The next few weeks will be a busy time for Catholic second graders.  Many will be making first communion.  If you’ve been invited to one, you may be thinking about first communion gifts. Let me start by saying, your presence at the child’s first communion may be a gift enough, especially if long distance travel is […]

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Communion Wreath

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It’s brutally frigid right now but I’m sure that spring is around the corner.  If your daughter is making first communion or is a flower girl in a wedding, you’ll want to start thinking about what, if anything, she’ll wear in her hair.  May I mention that a communion wreath or a flower girl wreath […]

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