First Communion Photo

by chief princess

capture moments that will remind you of your child’s first communion

Many of us wait until a few weeks before our child’s first communion to think about a first communion photo. I know that I almost did.  In October, I happened to mention to the photographer that I wanted to use, that my daughter was making first communion in the spring. She suggested that I confirm the date, as she was booking up for the spring. Fortunately [read: by sheer luck], I was able to use the photographer than I adore.

If your child is making first communion in the spring, you might be thinking about hiring a photographer, scheduling a portrait session or simply skipping all the fuss. If you fall into the latter category, you can probably stop reading.  If however, you are interested in a first communion photo for your child, you’re likely on the search for a great photographer.  While there are many photographers, how do you a great one?

Let me start by saying there is a big difference between a good first communion photo and a great first communion photo. You can start with a traditional pose, but essentially, you want to find a photographer who can capture your child just the way you see them.  Perhaps it’s a crocked grin, a lopsided stance, a far-away stare that is unique to your child.  Capturing that essence is much more important than making sure that every hair is in place.

I recently discovered EG Photo and wanted to share this contact.  The photographer, Soozie Sundlun, “work[s] hard to get the poses and emotions you know and love your children for.”  She has a traditional first communion photo, but I encourage you to look through her child photography section.  The black and white photo of a child laughing is smashingly brilliant.  It grabs your attention and makes you want to know what is so amusing.  While technically, it’s not the prettiest picture of the young girl, it draws you in and touches your heart.

If you live in New England, contact Eg Photo and schedule a first communion photo.  If you don’t live in the area, I hope these thoughts help you find a brilliant photographer. And, if you know a fabulous photographer, share the contact in the comment section below.

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