Communion Wreath

by chief princess

real flowers make a divine communion wreath

real flowers make a divine communion wreath

It’s brutally frigid right now but I’m sure that spring is around the corner.  If your daughter is making first communion or is a flower girl in a wedding, you’ll want to start thinking about what, if anything, she’ll wear in her hair.  May I mention that a communion wreath or a flower girl wreath are divine options.

Even though Catholic women are no longer required to wear a head covering when attending church, many girls continue the tradition when making first communion.  Similarly a wedding offers a formal occasion in which a head covering adds an element of solemnity.

If you have your heart set on a flower girl or communion wreath, may I suggest one made from real flowers.  Real flowers are abundant in the spring and lend a touch of beauty to the occasion. Let’s face it, a real floral communion wreath looks SOOOOOO much nicer than a plastic one.

In order to order a flower girl wreath or a communion wreath from a local florist, you’ll need to provide your daughter’s head size.  Not quite sure how to do that?  Well, I created a quick video showing how to measure your child’s head size.  If you don’t have a tape measure, take a piece of string to measure and then use a ruler to calculate the length.

First determine where on the head, you want the flower girl wreath or communion wreath to sit.  Then use a tape measure to determine your daughter’s head size.  Most 8-year-old children will have a head size between 21″ and 22″.  I mention this in case you measured 25″.  Go back and remeasure.  Still not sure?  You can always bring your daughter to the florist and have them take the measurement.  I’ve also found it helpful to bring a picture of the dress to the florist to help get the creative spirit going.

Do you have any tips about flower girl wreaths or communion wreaths?  Share them below in the comments section.

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