A Little Too Big, A Little Too Small

by chief princess

you want to ensure the proper fit for communion shoes

you want to ensure the proper fit for communion shoes

Many of us order shoes online without any problems.  Shoe shopping isn’t that complicated.  We know our shoe size.  It’s stayed the same for a while so it’s easy to remember.  Of course there are exceptions.  When you’re pregnant everything feels like it’s growing, including your feet.  Under these circumstances, it’s hard to know your exact shoe size.  I’ve found that shopping for children’s shoes isn’t that simple either.  Children grow so quickly, it’s hard to know the best shoe size at a given moment.  Let alone for a special occasion such as making first communion or being a flower girl in a wedding. You may think she’s a size 2 since that’s what’s stamped on the bottom of her sneakers, but the same size ballet flat shoe may fall off her foot when she walks. So what can you do?

You have a few options.  1) You can run to the mall and search for a Brannock Device; 2) you can order multiple sizes which can be an expensive hassle or 3) you can measure your child’s foot and order online. I definitely recommend the last solution.  Rather than explain how to measure your child’s foot in a thousand word post, I created a quick video demonstrating how it’s done.  A mother suggested the video after I walked her through the process so she could order the right size communion shoes for her daughter.  Once you’ve watched the video, I encourage (okay beg) you to click this link and shop for communion shoes.

Once you see how it’s done, take an extra moment (or 10) and measure both feet.  There will be slight differences between the left and right foot.  Order the size based upon the measurement and the style of shoe that she will be wearing.  Ballet flats need to fit snuggly or they’ll fall off.  If you use the longest toe as a guide you might order a size too big.

Remember it’s a balancing act between timing and growing feet.  How far in advance do you need to buy the children’s dress shoes?  If you’re looking for first communion shoes and you wait until a few weeks before the ceremony, many of the sizes will be sold out.  Remember, the children’s dress shoes will be worn for the special occasion. Maybe you’ll be able to get another few wears between birthdays, Easter, Christmas and church, but it’s not an everyday shoe.  Why do I mention this? Because, your instinct may be to order shoes a much larger so your daughter can grow into them. That can work for everyday shoes (with laces) but may not be the best solution when buying children’s dress shoes.

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