If your daughter is making her first communion in the spring, you’re might be looking for designer first communion dresses and perhaps some accessories. Are you planning on visiting a boutique with your daughter and walking out an hour later with a divine designer communion dress?  Maybe online is the way to go?  Both of these ideas are great, but you may end up dragging your daughter to way-too-many stores because you don’t see eye-to-eye.  That online search, well it turned up 2.8 million results. Before you despair, I’ve put together a few tips that will help you navigate these turbulent waters.

They're tips not commandments

They’re tips not commandments

1) Start early.  Most first communions take place in the spring but you’ll be left in the cold if you wait until April to start shopping.  Stores generally have their first communion products out in January.  Shopping early ensures the best selection because stores do not reorder communion merchandise. Once it’s sold that’s it until next year.  This can be especially important if your daughter is a bit smaller, or a tad taller than the average 8 year old.  If the store only ordered one pair of size 3-1/2 communion shoes that your daughter loves, make sure that you are the lucky owner.  A fellow religious education instructor lamented how she wished she knew this the year that her daughter made first communion. She waited until April to start  shopping and most of the stores were sold out of communion dresses.

2) Know Thy Daughter.  Ever hear the expression square peg in a round hole?  This is an important thing to keep in mind when shopping for communion dresses.  If your daughter is a tomboy, chances are that she’s going to fight you on that over-the-top tulle designer communion dress.  Similarly, a girly-girl may be disappointed in a simple white communion dress, even if it’s duchess satin and costs a king’s ransom.  Talk to your daughter and have her describe what she wants to wear. Take time together to look online.  I’ve found that there are 3 basic styles of designer communion dresses: old world; contemporary and modern.  Old world dresses remind me of elaborate dresses that might have been worn years ago in Italy, Spain or another Catholic countries in Europe.  They have a lot of beading, lace detail and can be gown-like in length.  This style is divine for girly-girls with unlimited budgets. Contemporary dresses are less elaborate than old word dresses. They also have beading or lace details but are less fancy and slightly shorter.  Most are tea-length which falls to the mid calf.  Designer communion dresses in the United States generally fall into this style.  Finally, modern dresses have simple lines and minimal details.  This is the absolute best style for girls that would rather wear pants to make first communion.

3) Get the Guidelines.  Nowadays, many churches discourage accessories during the mass.  They don’t want the children fiddling with a prayer book or twirling a rosary like a lasso.  Before you add all these items to your shopping cart, find out what’s allowed and what isn’t.  Ask the religious instructor for the guidelines. Ask before you you start shopping so you don’t waste your money.

So there you have it.  A few tips that will save you time and money as you prepare for this blessed event.  Do you have any tips to share with other parents?  Use the comment section below to share your thoughts.



Tracy Young is the owner and self-described Chief Princess of A Little Indulgence.  The online children’s boutique specializes in luxurious designer first communion dresses, shoes and veils.  Over the years, Tracy has helped thousands of moms find divine communion products.  You can find her at:




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