5 Restaurants In London Worth The Visit

5 Restaurants In London Worth The Visit

May 29, 2019 0 By Emmy D. Frank

Dining in London is a matter of perspectives: with a lot of places to choose from, it’s important to start by saying that sometimes, the fancier places aren’t the ones which are serving good food, but just a fancy one instead. With this being clarified, let’s analyse 5 picks which, most likely, are going to change your life, food-wise.

London is known for being a hub of mixed culture and personalities. Because of this, some of the most delicious food in the world can be found on the streets of London. If you have an extended period of time, be sure to check out the hidden gems that are located in the back streets of the city. Here you will find authentic and delicious food, made with love and care.


If you’re a fan of Soho and curries, in particular, this could be a great place for you. With a very sociable environment and setting, Hoppers prides himself with a variety of freshly made curries, served with perfectly cooked rice and meat. A great spot for the Indian cuisine lover who doesn’t want to spend loads of money on something more “posh”.

The Barbary

Speaking of Indian cuisine, The Barbary could be another great pick for anyone who wants to dine in London. Ran by the same team who runs The Palomar, another gem in Covent Garden, The Barbary is a fantastic choice if you’re willing to try fusion cuisine which combines a solid Indian foundation with slightly British contamination.


Bao is an amazing destination for everyone who’s in a rush and wants to enjoy a “revised” version of a classic Chinese meal. Slightly infused with street food elements and with a massive menu, this is the go-to place for every hungry traveller in Soho. The best bit? It’s not that expensive, either!


One of the best aspects of dining out would definitely be related to the social experience sharing a table with someone who you don’t know is. Kiln has focused its entire settings for this very purpose, combining freshly, amazingly tasting food with, potentially, the chance of meeting new friends.

Social Eating House

Former Gordon Ramsay’s apprentice Jason Atherton is running this gem in Soho. As you can expect from a restaurant like this one, the combination of luxury service and amazingly tasting food will lead to a not so amazing bill, just so you’re aware of it.

To Conclude

Although very quick, this list is a great starting point for everyone who wants to dine out in London but has no idea of where to go/what to do. If you’re a tourist, a great thing to do would be checking online for any restaurant deals, as you may find these very restaurants doing some!

If you’re in a new destination, be a little bit adventurous with the food that you try. There are so many different cuisines and eateries to sample, so why would you stick to the norm? The key is to avoid chain restaurants and instead, enjoy some of the locally grown and loved restaurants that the city has to offer.

Do a little bit of research before you dine and make the most out of your foodie experience. Once you’ve found some of the best eateries you would like to try, add pins to them on Google maps, so that when you’re wandering around the city, you know how far away you are from one of the restaurants you would like to try.

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