3 Travel Destinations in Europe

3 Travel Destinations in Europe

June 12, 2019 0 By Emmy D. Frank

When it comes to touring Europe, no one will ever run out of options. Most countries have so much to offer that one could take a one week vacation and not run out of places to visit. However, there are three major countries that everyone should plan on visiting at least while they are still breathing. Here are three a must visit destinations in Europe.


Talk about one of a kind culture, amazing nature, festivals, etc. I mean, this is one of the most outstanding places in Europe. It is a home for a culture that never seems to die. In fact, the more the world embraces modern living, the more the people of Sweden appreciate their culture.

Have you ever experience 24 hours of daylight? Well, in Sweden, you will. It is very easy to stay out thinking that the night time has not yet come, yet it is almost 11 pm and it looks like 5 pm or even earlier, depending on the season.

Festivals are very much appreciated, celebrating cultural dances, and taking amazing Swedish snus. The moist tobacco-pouch which is not the same as the American snuff or dip, has been a delight in Sweden for centuries and can be accessed globally through SnusDirect.com. You could time the Midsummer Festival where people visit their friends and relatives, and make merry with food drinks and dance.


No list about a recommendation for travel in Europe is complete without France. This is one of the most visited countries in the world and popularly known for Paris, the city of love. The country does not only offer great experiences for romantic getaways, but also lovely sights, alpine mountains, beautiful landscapes, and art.

Apart from Paris, the country has beautiful architectures in most of its other cities. Nice, Avignon, Lyon, Cannes, Marseille, and Toulouse are the country’s cities that light up during the night. The villages are full of culture and speak of an exemplary ancient France.

The beaches have spectacular views and parties run throughout the night. The art in France so many praises, that it can be hard to use one word to describe it. As you tour around the beautiful country, do not hesitate to try out as many local cuisines as possible.


Most ancient heroic stories spring for Greece, and if you do not find any other reason to visit the country, this should make you wish to you could at least spend a day in the legendary country. The landscapes are quite distinct with rugged mountains and green valleys.

Whether you love history or not, Greece has a way of capturing your attention with the great Acropolis in Athens, and a museum that illustrates it all. The Palace of Knossos and archeological site in Delphi are fantastic places to have a taste of ancient Greece.

The sea in Greece is crystal clear and party life around the beeches never seem to end. Unlike many European countries, Greece is one place where you could afford a lot of fun whether you are a spender or a saver.

These three countries are a mixture of cultural and modern fun for anyone looking to visit Europe. If you did not know where exactly to start on your next holiday in Europe, try any of the three for great life experiences.