10 Women’s clothes you need to have in your wardrobe!

There is always a time in every year that you want to refresh and upgrade your clothes collection. Usually, you get panicked because you do not know what you are missing, what you have to keep and what to get rid of. Here, you will find a list of the pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe.Every girl needs to have the basic equipment in her closet. So, she will not need refresh her collection every single year just by having these necessary items. So, the next time you have unexpected visits or be invited you for a drink you did not expect, you will know what you can wear. Your preparation time will be reduced to the minimum and you will enjoy the drink with your friends, without any problems.

So, what clothes do you need in your collection?Let’s see the most important of them.

Flattering pair of jeans

Whether it’s a bell pants, boyfriend’s or skinny jeans, there’s always one that’s perfect for your body. The good thing with this piece of clothing is that with the right combination you can wear it all day long and every night too, with great success.

Short-sleeved blouse

You absolutely need a basic t-shirt, in a simple color that suits your skin. Most preferable are the white or the black ones. However, I would recommend you to experiment with other colors as well. In this way, depending on the mood you will choose the perfect color.

A jacket

Well-dressed ladies who wear jackets can flatter anybody. It’s a cloth that you can wear from your office to an afternoon coffee, till your first day with the man you are interested in. Buy yourself a jacket that ends at your hip height and make sure it has a neutral color like beige, black, light brown or gray. This way you can combine it with too many clothes! You can also buy a white one, which is a perfect outfit for your summer nights.

Women’s shirt

Shirts are any woman’s favorite clothing, as with some modifications, you can turn your everyday style into formal, in just a few seconds. Wear it with jeans, skirts, shorts or whatever you think. Combine it with a good pants and a fine belt for an important meeting as a shirt dress. With jeans, boots and t-shirts for your afternoon lunch with your friends or with high heels and skinny jeans for the evening out, a shirt is always in fashion. You can buy great shirt dress on weiz.dk

Black skirt

A simple, mini pencil skirt or pleat with a perfect fit in your waist is always needed. It’s the easy way to show off your outfit. You can wear it in the morning with a pantyhose and low heels and in the evening with a black pantyhose and high boots or heels. Show off your skirt, wearing sleeves with bold prints or impressive big necklaces.

Women’s sports t-shirts

You may be wondering why you need a sport t-shirt. First of all, it is the perfect outfit for your gym time. You can, however, wear it with a tight pair of jeans and high heels and a necklace and you will have a sexy evening outfit.

Sweaters and cardigans

You can refresh your style with a few moves. You can wear a checkered shirt and a beautiful sweater over it, or combine your favorite T-shirt with a cute cardigan. This style is the absolute definition of street style and can be worn by every woman any time of the day.

Black pair of trousers

From the cool summers to an island till the cold winter, this cloth can be worn everywhere. You can wear it while having a drink in a bar, while working in the office, for having a coffee after work, on your daily walk with your dog or in the evening. The ladies’ black trousers are suitable to everything and they are in fashion all the time.

Mini black dress

Like the black trousers, the mini dress can also be worn everywhere. It has, however, to be combined correctly. If you want an early look, wear it with a tunic or a heavy coat of pants with beautiful prints. In the evening, you can wear it with high heels and a nice leather jacket. Whatever you use in order to combine it, you will have perfect style.

Nude coat

When the rainy and cold days are about to start, this coat can protect you from getting wet or cold. And the most important of all is that it is also very stylish. You can choose a brown or gray coat in order to combine it with all the clothes in your closet.