Using a Tool to Keep Track of My Kids Online

I believe that it’s important for my kids to be able to have a sense of independence, and experience and learn new things for themselves. When it comes to their online safety, I want them to know that I trust them, but at the same time I need to know that they aren’t putting themselves in danger. That’s why I decided to use Snapchat Spy to keep tabs on what they do with that app. I know that my kids use it multiple times per day, because I’m on there as well, and I can see all of the things that they’re posting. I’m sure that they’re posting even more things that I can’t currently see, which worries me.

Another parent told me about this tool, and he’s been using it for a few months now, with great results. He told me that he hasn’t found anything really alarming, but the fact that the tool is installed and he can check in on his daughter at any time really gives him peace of mind. He knows what she’s doing on the app, and whether or not she’s behaving appropriately. Continue reading →

Sales Training in the Netherlands is Called Verkooptraining

We got a salesman from the Netherlands working for us. He is actually kind of incredible. He has top-notch interpersonal skills, and people really like him. Not like you like a car salesman, but they actually like him. He said that he had verkooptraining in the Netherlands. I don’t speak Dutch, so he told me it means sales training. We have sales training here, but he must have had a really good school. Maybe there is a little natural talent there too. I just can’t tell. He said that believing in the products or services is also a huge help. I have always supported that as a manager. I could not stick with a company that sold something I would not use my self or recommend for my family to use.

Our salesman was hired because he could speak Dutch, Frisian and German. He was working one of the international desks as a salesman for the Netherlands and Germany. Continue reading →

At-Home Hair Styling Made Simple

Getting your hair just right every morning can be a chore all on its own. It can be a time consuming task even for the most skilled woman who has done her own hair for years. The difficulty of straightening, curling, and styling is why so many women continue to visit the hair salon on a regular basis to achieve the look that they want, especially on special occasions. But that doesn’t help the day-to-day difficulties. A newer hair tool called the Simply Straight ceramic straightening brush aims to help women on their day-to-day hair styling challenges. It is a game changer for at-home hair styling. It simplifies the process and saves precious time every morning spent on doing your hair.

The Simply Straight is a combination of a straightening iron and a brush. Continue reading →

Disney launches Disney Movies Anywhere app with over 400 movies in the cloud

Disney has released a brand new app, and it is going to bring joy and magic to everyone anywhere. The app is called “Disney Movies Anywhere,” and the Disney Parks Blog officially announced its release on Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014. It’s new, it is ready to try, and it is free.

The launch of the Disney Movies Anywhere app on Tuesday came with a library of more than 400 titles and it coincides with the release of “Thor: The Dark World” and Disney’s “Frozen.”

Users can link the app to their Apple iTunes digital store and get a free copy of “The Incredibles.”

For those that have a vast collection of Disney DVDs and Blu-rays already, don’t think they are obsolete. The app actually recognizes the codes that have enabled digital downloads of Disney movies since back in 2008.

It even allows you to access movies from the “Disney Vault” that are unavailable for purchase at the current time.

This app is honestly the best thing you could have for those long car or plane trips to Walt Disney World. On your way to all the magic, just have all the movies you’ll need downloaded and your kids will be entertained for the entire trip.

Here are the official instructions on how to get and use the Disney Movies Anywhere app:

Download the free Disney Movies Anywhere app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (iOS 7 or higher). You can also sign up through Create an account — in some cases you can use your existing Disney website credentials such as Disney Infinity, Disney Movie Rewards or ESPN — to log in and get started. (Right now, Disney Movies Anywhere is only available in the U.S. and account holders must be at least 13 years of age.)
Immediately, any Disney Digital Copy codes you’ve previously registered with a Disney Movies Rewards account will show up in your new Disney digital movie locker through Disney Movies Anywhere.
Follow the simple steps to connect your iTunes account to your Disney Movies Anywhere account, and eligible titles you previously purchased from iTunes or redeemed in iTunes with a Digital Copy code will be accessible in both your Disney Movies Anywhere locker and your iTunes account. This is also how you get your free digital copy of The Incredibles — by connecting your iTunes account.
Do you have any previously unredeemed Disney, Pixar or Marvel Digital Copy codes floating around in the DVD or Blu-ray cases on your shelf? You can register eligible codes in Disney Movies Anywhere to expand your digital collection — you’ll also earn Disney Movies Rewards for these and for any digital purchases made through iTunes going forward.
Commence downloading, streaming, browsing and buying! You can download a movie to up to eight devices at a time, and you can stream simultaneously on two. You can also explore exclusive original content in the Disney Movies Anywhere app or website.

Island Life: Paradise Just to the South

Planning a trip to the Conch Republic? You have chosen an amazing, tropical paradise with an affluent cultural and historical heritage. No matter what you enjoy, from night life to historical sites, they have something for what you crave.

Indoors or out, Key West will keep you busy. This tropical paradise separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Gulf of Mexico, with the look and feel of being in the Caribbean. Only 90 miles from Cuba and the southernmost point of the continental United States, this speck of an island is surprisingly loaded with fun-filled actives.

Of course, being surrounded by pristine turquoise waters lends this to the perfect haven for all water sports. Fishing, snorkeling, diving, parasailing, and boating reign supreme during the day. A prime spot for sport fishing, more saltwater world records have been established in the Florida Keys than any other angling destination on the globe. Snorkeling is a fun, quick trip to explore and take in the wonders of the ocean without having to dive in too deep. For the more adventurous, amazing dive sites are available for those with SCUBA certifications. The Florida Keys do offer the only living coral barrier reef in the United States. Not certified? No worries! Many dive shops offer one-day dive classes, so you can go explore the shipwrecks and reefs that abound under the calm blue seas.

Want to really enjoy the warm, tropical breeze? How about an airborne trip around the island? Get yourself strapped in, get whisked off your feet, and settle back for an awesome glimpse of Key West that others almost never see. Not a fan of flying through the air? Enjoy a chartered boat ride that will allow you to enjoy every inch of the pristine beaches that the island has to offer. There is even a replica pirate ship available to take you onto the ocean, complete with cannons in case the enemy approaches.

Be ye not worried, landlubber! There be enjoyment to be had on the shores, too. The infamous Hemingway House offers tours of the writer’s home base from 1928 to 1940. Papa Hemingway, as he was known to the locals, could often be found at Sloppy Joe’s bar when not writing or spending time with his polydactyl cats. Speaking of Sloppy Joe’s, you can take a short stroll over to enjoy a cool cocktail after browsing the Hemingway House and Museum.

When the sun goes down is when the party really starts on the Key. From award-winning, fine dining restaurants to the numerous bars and hangouts, there is something to please every pallet. Remember to partake in the Key’s world renowned dessert: the crisp and cool Key Lime pie.

Your own bed of nails at San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum: art history of yoga

Here in the West, the term Yoga brings to mind special sexy pants, healthy stretching, and meditation. But did you know that Yoga’s origins go back 2500 years when wandering ascetics from the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain religions looked for ways working with the body and breath to quiet the mind, to counter what the Buddhists call “Monkey Brain”? We’re all still working on that one, right?

“Yoga” in Sanskrit means “yoke” or “join,” referring to its basic concepts of stilling the mind and uniting mind, body, and spirit.

The Asian Art Museum’s exhibition, Yoga: The Art of Transformation will be on view in San Francisco February 21-May 25, 2014. Previously it was at the Smithsonian and next will travel to the Cleveland Museum of Art. Asian Art Museum director Jay Xu says: “We are honored to serve as the only West Coast venue in presenting this historic exhibition…illuminating aspects of yoga and its hidden histories to Bay Area audiences.”

Created in partnership with the Smithsonian, it is the world’s first major art exhibition that explores yoga’s history and art over its 2500 year history. The works from 2nd century through 20th century are drawn from twenty-five museums in India, Europe, and the U.S.
Displayed in three galleries and drawing from the perspectives of many disciplines including psychology, sociology, religion, and health, the presentation includes the Core Practices, Yogis and Place, and Contemporary Practices. The latter include contemporary focus on health as well as yoga in Hollywood films.

Some highlights of the exhibition include three stone yogini, or goddesses, from a 10th century South Indian temple. Combining the attributes of ferocity and gentleness, their loose flowing hair, and draped snakes indicate danger. They carry weapons as well as cups made from skulls filled with either blood or liquor. It’s interesting to note that after the 13th century yogini temples ceased to be built. Why did their female presence fall out of favor?

Artworks show various forms of yoga practice, including meditation and postures. Especially from the 17th through 20th centuries, the Western imagination was piqued by the sensationalism of partially naked yogis, with long matted hair, practicing extreme rituals, like lying on beds of nails and austerities–fasting, celibacy, and immobilizing the body in difficult positions–with cages on head and neck as well as nether parts. From around 1600, ten pages from the first illustrated book of yogic postures (asanas) is on display, as is a 1902 film by Thomas Edison, Hindoo Fakir.

In the final section of the exhibition, modern Yoga as we in the West know it, emerges with its aspects of health, fitness, and spiritual well-being. As you exit through the tempting bookstore and gift shop, the title of Robert Love’s book The Great Oom: The Improbably Birth of Yoga in America might catch your eye, as you hurry to your next yoga class–most likely sans bed of nails.

The Asian Art Museum’s exhibition, Yoga: The Art of Transformation will be on view in San Francisco February 21-May 25, 2014. Previously it was on view at the Smithsonian. Next it travels to the Cleveland Museum of Art
200 Larkin Street, San Francisco. 415-581-3500

Win a VIP experience at the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Starting today, Visit Fort Wayne announced a contest offering a coveted VIP experience at the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale, located in Fort Wayne, IN. The contest runs through Monday, March 24 and features a Fort Wayne Girlfriend Getaway and VIP experience at the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale. To enter, visit:

Every year the Vera Bradley Outlet stages a gigantic sale where savvy shoppers can save 40-60% off retail prices on Vera Bradley’s great handbags, luggage, and accessories. It is expected that over 60,000 women will be checking out the sale running from April 9-12, 2014.

So what are you waiting for? Grand prize winner receives four VIP tickets to the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale for Friday, April 11. In addition, winners will enter the sale prior to the official door opening and will receive VIP check out as well. Prize package includes a grand cargo bag, grand cosmetic, all-in-one cross body tote, umbrella, and ditty bag. Guests of the winner receive a grand tote, cross body tote, and umbrella. Plus, the lucky winner and her three guests will receive an over night stay at the Courthouse Marriott for April 10.

We Sell Online As a Full Time Job

I first started selling online when my daughter was born nearly 15 years ago. I did not want a daycare raising her, so I quit my job. I knew that I needed to bring in an income, which is how my online business started. There are all kinds of sites where you can sell things, and I started off with just selling my own items like books and clothes. I have since changed the entire look of my business, mainly because of Worldwide Brands. I no longer sell my own personal items, because you can only do that for so long. Continue reading →

Feast your eyes on McKee Botanical Garden in Vero Beach, Florida

McKee Botanical Garden is a must-stop for those traveling in proximity of Vero Beach, Florida. It’s a wonderful day trip and only requires 1 or 2 hours to walk through (more if you want to spend the extra time gazing at flowers, plants, trees, lizards, insects or small animals). Check out the slide show for some beautiful shots of the gardens!
The beaches are very close too, so hitting the botanical gardens before or after a day at the beach is a perfect-day option. The property is historic in Florida; the gardens were first opened in the 1920’s and later closed in the 1970’s due to lack of funding. Although only 18 of the original 80 acres remain (the majority were sold off and developed after the 1976 closure), thanks to a campaign by the Indian River Land Trust in the 1990’s, the Gardens were restored and re-opened to the public in 2001.
Don’t miss the color and beauty of McKee Botanical Garden! The reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp are an honest testimony to this Vero Beach attraction.

Alister Mackenzie’s Glorious Old Beauty, Sharp Park Golf Course in Pacifica, CA

In the sweet seaside community of Pacifica about 15 minutes from San Francisco, Sharp Park Golf Course is a classic track that Alister MacKenzie designed during the same era as he created his more world-famous courses in Northern California–Cypress Point, the Claremont Country Club, Pasatiempo and others. Sharp Park was also landscaped by another icon, John McLaren, who created Golden Gate Park. Supervising the planting of literally millions of trees in San Francisco and environs in his heyday of the late 1800s, McLaren also facilitated the planting of 100,000 trees in and around Sharp Park; today, as lush and as darkly romantic as ever, battalions of mature Monterey cypress and pines line the fairways, making this one of California’s most beautiful muni courses.

The easily walkable 6,299-yard course has the same Pacific Ocean views as when it opened in 1931. Generously wide fairways are watered by the Laguna Salada, a marshy lake inhabited by gangs of birds and waterfowl. Greens are in pretty darned good shape for a muni, with just a few that have some fungus around the edges. Plenty of moisture in the sea air translates into a lush world of emerald green.

MacKenzie’s only public seaside links, Sharp Park is beloved by Bay Area locals who enjoy the low weekday greens fees and the top-notch food in the cozy bar and casual clubhouse restaurant–– fresh local seafood is always on the menu. Decorated with vivid Depression-era paintings and beamed ceilings, the Spanish hacienda-style clubhouse was a WPA construction project. Adding to the vintage feel are the funky power carts without windshields, and an old-fashioned starter’s booth and tiny pro shop.

Golfers’ Weekend Getaway, Pacifica

After their rounds, golfers and weekenders head into the little town of Pacifica for good food and fun. My fav new place is Puerto 27 Peruvian Kitchen & Pisco Bar, a popular, rambling, ocean view bar and restaurant serving great food and creative cocktails (the restaurant is adjacent to Pacifica Beach Hotel, one of the best hostelries in town, across from a nice beach and the waterfront walking path).

At the foot of town at Rockaway Beach, Dungeness crab and a dance floor have been big attractions at Nick’s Seafood Restaurant for 90 years; also here, the Sea Breeze Motel is an affordable place to stay.
A few steps away are the Best Western Plus Lighthouse Hotel
and the Pacifica Motor Inn.

A Grape in the Fog is a café and late-night gathering spot for wine, small plates and live music, while Lovey’s Tea Shoppe attracts lovers of the traditional English tea ritual, complete with tier upon tier of fabulous homemade treats and a wide variety of fresh, gourmet teas.

Eco vs. Muni

Sharp Park Golf Course has been the focus of a several-years-long political and legal tug-of-war between those who wish to retain the course for public recreation and for its historical value, and environmental groups who would do away with the golf course in order to establish a wildlife sanctuary (which, in fact, already exists here). Although an extensive renovation/restoration endeavor is in the works, the fate of Sharp Park continues to be uncertain.

Eighty degrees in Phoenix – what are you waiting for?

Right this minute is the right time to be in Phoenix, Arizona. Right now the weather is perfect. Right now there are plenty of fun things to do in Phoenix. Right now there are great restaurants waiting to serve you in Phoenix. Right now some of the finest resorts and spas in the world will open their doors to welcome you.

If you’re a baseball fan the Diamondbacks have a full slate of games for you to enjoy, with a lot of special promotions to add to the enjoyment of your favorite sport. One special event will be a Zero Waste day when it is planned to recycle every bit of food and solid waste generated during the game. This is in conjunction with a special City of Phoenix initiative called Reimagine Phoenix.

The Hotel Palomar Phoenix, the Royal Palms Resort and Spa, the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort, the Ritz Carlton Phoenix, and W Scottsdale all have special Cactus League packages for baseball fans.

The Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa will soon be ending its Storytelling and Song program involving the culture of the Maricopa and Pima native peoples of the area. Check in by March 15th for the final event of the season. Beginning on March 29th, the resort will be coordinating with the Arizona Science Center for a special month-long celebration of Mother Earth.

Arizona Restaurant Week is May 17-26, but you don’t have to wait until May to enjoy the fine cuisine at Phoenix cafes. In recognition of the pre-season baseball fever in Phoenix the Westin Kierland Resort is offering its Triple Play Promo where diners can enjoy a 20% discount at any of the resort’s three restaurants – just present a 2014 Cactus League ticket stub.

Be sure and check out the Visit Phoenix website for more dining choices.

Not to be missed in Phoenix is a great opportunity to view and enjoy the finest Native American art and crafts to be found anywhere. Both the Heard Museum and the Pueblo Grande Museum offer wonderful examples that can be found nowhere else. They both put on special annual events that you can learn more about by visiting their websites. The Pueblo Grande Museum has a really fun event in early March that allows you to try out some interesting artifacts of Native life. Be the first person in your circle of family and friends to use an atlatl!

This is just a sample of the fun in Phoenix. There is a lot more to do in Phoenix and you’ll just have to discover it for yourself. Enjoy the sunshine and . . . Keep on Traveling!