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A Little Indulgence

is a children's boutique created
around life's cherished moments. 

Look through our first communion dresses
and accessories to find just what you need
for your child's first communion
or other special occasion.

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Designer First Communion Dresses and More

A Little Indulgence is a children’s boutique created around first communion and other of life’s special occasions. There are so many special occasions in a young girl’s life. Some happen once a year while others happen once in a lifetime. If you are searching for elegant designer first communion dresses, or perhaps you need some little girl dresses or tween dresses, you’re sure to find them at A Little Indulgence. We started our business by simply offering girls special occasion dresses. We told moms that we had “party dresses for their princess”. Whether it was a birthday celebration, a music recital, a family gathering or simply a tea party with the dolls, our dresses always looked delightful.

Soon, moms were asking for other types of dresses for their little and not so little tween girls. We made some white dresses and before we knew it our dresses were being worn as first communion dresses across the country. Girls were spotted in our designer communion dresses in New York, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Beverly Hills and many more places. It appears that mothers with children making thier first communion were looking for a very special dress and wanted designer communion dresses because first communion is a once in a lifetime event.

There are many styles of dresses to choose from. Discuss the different styles with your daughter and be prepared to work with her personality in selecting your perfect first communion dress. Find out if there is a dress code so you can be aware of the restrictions. Basically, there are three categories of first communion dresses: traditional, classic and modern. This is a nice starting point for you and your daughter to begin to narrow down the options for first communion dresses. The traditional first communion dress is a formal gown-length dress that is lavish in style and reminiscent of elaborate attire worn in some European Countries for First Communion. Another style of first communion dress is the classic first communion dress. These communion dresses are tea length, classic in style and have delicate beading and pearl work. It is less elaborate than the traditional style but is still quite elegant. Finally, modern first communion dresses are ideal for girls who dismiss girly attire and prefer to wear pants regardless of the occasion. These first communion dresses are simple yet appropriate for first communion. Our designer communion dresses are made from luxurious fabrics such as silk shantung, silk organza and tulle that can be preserved for other children. We understand that first communion is an important step for a Roman Catholic child. We wanted our line of designer communion dresses to have something for everyone so we created simply elegant first communion dresses as well as elaborate, fancier first communion dresses. We added short modern designs, longer ballerina length styles and even ball gown length styles. They are designer communion dresses because of the luxurious fabrics and the exceptional attention to detail in every communion dress. Many mothers had questions about first communion so we started a blog to offer advice about first communion. We discuss what needs to get done for first communion; where you can find a photographer; when to schedule a photo session; what to look for in a veil; different types of first communion shoes. It's everything you need to know about the first communion.

Little girls grow up quickly so before we knew it we also added a line of tween dresses. Let’s face it, an 8, 9 or 10 year old can be difficult to dress. They’re no longer young children but they aren’t quite teenagers. On top of that tweens want their own style. Moms, however, want a style that doesn’t make them look too old. In designing our tween dresses we took all of this into account to create fashionable outfits that are still age appropriate. We like to think that our tween dresses are kid tested and mom approved.

We added special occasion accessories to make life easier for busy moms. We didn’t want them to spend unnecessary time trying to find the perfect fashion accessory when we could provide it. We added communion veils and we’re expanding into communion shoes that go with our girls special occasion dresses, our tween dresses and our designer communion dresses. Let’s just say we want to dress your little princess from head to toe.

We could have stopped there but we felt that something was missing from our dresses. After much thought we decided that a portion of proceeds should be donated to help children. So we did it. Since A Little Indulgence was founded in 2006, we’ve sponsored lunches at orphanages in Thailand; we’ve help provide books and build libraries in Laos; we’ve helped raise money for inner city children to have after school programs that keep them off the street. It's our way of putting a little love in every dress. 

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